In this digital era, there are a number of ways to transfer money online; and the Zelle app is one of the popular ones. It’s a popular app that offers its users a wide array of services. It provides its user’s services like direct deposit, free cash card, and the power to set a PIN, helping them to earn a Zelle refund instantly.

However, people at times face an issue known as the Zelle pending. A large number of individuals make this kind of complaint. And if you’re one of them, you must be searching the internet for answers to your quarry “why is my Zelle payment pending.” If so, you’re at the right place. We’ll provide you with the ultimate guide to solve your “why is my Zelle payment pending” problem.

Why is My Zelle Payment Pending?

The best answer that defines the “Zelle Pending” situation isn’t specific. We’re trying to say that the main reason behind pending transactions can be many. While the usual scenes sit around network and server issues, things like wrong credentials, unavailability of the recipient in Zelle, and others can cause trouble. Also, it is crucial about the time frame when you’re intending the payment. Remember, if you choose a non-working day for the same, coming across the issue won’t be surprising. 

We’ll be answering your question, “why is my Zelle payment pending.” The reasons aren’t only limited to that. So, make sure to stay tuned as we reveal everything in detail.

Zelle, a popular P2P payment platform, is a way of making payments that lets its users send money quickly, easily, and securely from one bank account to another. If you want to send money using your Zelle account, you just need the other person’s phone number or email address (well, your bank should support the app, of course). And the best part is Zelle doesn’t charge any extra fees. It’s completely free to use.

The transactions via Zelle typically take only a few minutes. And suppose you’re sending money to anyone who’s not on Zelle. In that case, it might take two to three business days to complete the transaction after the other party enrolls themselves on Zelle. A total of 307 billion USD on 1.2 billion transactions were sent by Zelle users in 2020, and around 500 new financial institutions joined its network. In fact, Zelle is currently available in more than 1,000 banks and credit unions’ mobile apps.

A fintech company, Early Warning Services, LLC, is owned by seven of the United States’ largest banks: Capital One, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank, BB&T (now Truist), and JPMorgan Chase owns Zelle. As it was founded by banks for banks, it assists all sizes of financial institutions to provide a digital payments platform that enhances the user experience while lowering the cost of banks.

However, just like other P2P payment platforms, issues and difficulties aren’t poles apart from Zelle. Have you ever wondered why is my Zelle payment not working or why is my Zelle payment pending? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. A lot of individuals have been facing similar kinds of issues for ages now.

Luckily, there exists a solution to this problem, and you’re at the correct place. In this write-up, we’ll be addressing the issues related to “why is my Zelle payment pending?”

But, what could be the reason behind this? Why is my Zelle payment pending? Why didn’t the other person receive the payment? Don’t worry; just walk through the article, and you’ll be good to go. 

Reasons: Why is My Zelle Payment Pending?

No doubt, it’s frustrating when Zelle’s payment gets pending. Well, it’s evident for you to think that the issue might be on the platform’s end, and you need to ask the question, why is my Zelle payment pending to its support team. Maybe you’re partially correct; however, that’s not always the case.

Reason 1: Entered Incorrect Phone Number or Email Address

At the time of logging in, Zelle asks its users to register their phone number or email address. In fact, you need to have and enter the other person’s registered US phone number or email address to make any payment to that someone.

And by any chance, if you enter the wrong phone number or email address, the money won’t be transferred to the intended person. Moreover, there is a high chance that the money might have been received by another person who has the same number or email address you entered by mistake.

However, suppose you’ve committed a typing error while entering the phone number or email address and typed in a non-existing email address or phone number. In that case, the payment will get stuck, and you’ll face the problem of why is my Zelle payment pending.

Reason 2: Amount Paid on a Non-Business Day

If you don’t want to face any delay while paying money to someone from Zelle and have to do a bank transfer first, it’s better to make the payment on business days. That’s because cash transferred on weekends or even after 7 pm Eastern Time Zone (EST) on business days might take a few days, and you might face the issue of Zelle pending.

The amount transferred on weekends or after 7 pm EST on business days gets typically delivered on the following working day. This delay generally occurs when your bank links your Zelle account on non-business days. Therefore, before panicking about “why is my Zelle payment pending,” remember you tried to make your payment on non-working days. If yes, your funds will eventually get settled on the next working day.

Reason 3: Receivers Haven’t Enrolled Themselves on Zelle Yet

One of the most common reasons for which Zelle users face the issue why is my Zelle payment pending is that the recipient (individual to which you’re trying to send money on Zelle) hasn’t enrolled themselves and opened an account on the app yet.

Sometimes, people don’t verify if the individual to whom they want to make payment is available to receive payment on Zelle or not. Moreover, an individual needs to enroll themself on Zelle to accept payments via this platform. And if you make payment to a non-registered number by mistake, you’ll see the Zelle pending status on your app.

The recipient might not be able to take the money until he enrolls and creates a Zelle account. The payment will remain pending for 14 days unless the receiver claims it. Suppose they fail to register themselves within that period. In that case, the payment will be expired, and you’ll get your amount back within a short period.

Reason 4: You’ve Tried to Make International Transactions

Zelle is a P2P payment service only available to United States-based users. That means you can only receive and send money within the United States. It doesn’t support international transactions like Paypal. And if you try to make an oversea payment (pay money to someone who doesn’t belong to America), then your money will indeed not get transferred. Therefore, you’ll be going to deal with the “why is my Zelle payment pending” issue.

Reason 5: Zelle had Blocked the Recipient’s Account

Every now and then, there may be instances where users have tried to initiate a payment from their side. However, the recipient still failed to receive the payment. And this “why is my Zelle payment pending” issue can occur even if the receiver already has a Zelle account.

This could be because the receiver’s Zelle account to whom you want to send the money has been blocked by Zelle due to different reasons. Usually, Zelle blocks its users’ accounts if it notices some suspicious activities in that user’s Zelle account or its support team complaint against that user’s account.

Therefore, that’s another reason why you can face the Zelle pending payment issue.

Reason 6: Zelle is Having Some Technical Issues

why is my zelle payment pending

Your bank and Zelle work together to make a transfer. And that’s why if Zelle is having any technical issues or its servers aren’t functioning effectively, and you try to make payment at that time, you’ll surely face the why is my Zelle payment pending issue.

This kind of Zelle pending issue gets resolved within a short span. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about that and maybe try to make payment in some time.

Reason 7: Some Issues with the Bank

Suppose the Zelle servers are live and things are working as intended. In that case, you’ve to witness the Zelle pending issue because there are some problems in your Bank server/services.

Many times due to some technical issues in your bank server, its online services face a significant breakdown. And suppose you mistakenly try to transfer funds during this period. In that case, you might end up seeing an error code, or your Zelle payment status will get stuck to “pending.”

And the recipient wouldn’t get the money you’re trying to transfer to their account.

Reason 8: There are Some Issues with the Bank or Zelle App

Well, the problems with the Zelle server or Bank server don’t occur very often. So, let’s talk about the last issue which might be causing the why is my Zelle payment pending problem.

It’ll not function efficiently when you don’t have the latest version of your Zelle app or Bank app. And hence end up creating Zelle pending issue. So, it’s better to keep your apps updated.

Any of these eight reasons could be the answer to “why is my Zelle payment pending?” Now it’s time to see how to solve Zelle’s pending issue. 

Solution: Why is My Zelle Payment Pending?

1. Wait it Out

wait for PayPal Pay in 4 not working to fix

One of the simplest ways to get through the Zelle pending payment issue is by waiting for some time. At times, there may be some technical issues with Zelle’s server, and in that case, the only and best way is to wait.

Now the question is, how can you know if the server of Zelle is down or not. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple steps to tell if the app’s server is down:

  • Open your web browser
  • Visit DownDetector
  • Navigate to the Search Bar and type in Zelle and click the search button
  • A graph will appear on the screen. Study the graph to know if its server is down or not

2. Enter the Correct Phone Number or Email ID

As stated before, there might be some spelling mistakes while entering the email address or phone number. So, you need to make sure you’ve entered the correct phone number or email id before making any payment.

Also, make sure to transfer money only to a registered US phone number or email ID. Pay only after double-checking the spelling for any mistakes or errors.

3. Make Your Payments on Working Days

As mentioned, you know that the payments made through Zelle on Saturday, Sunday, or any other holidays might get delayed. This delay usually happens when your bank account access is required. And your bank might not proceed with the transfer on non-business days.

It causes a delay in the whole fund transfer procedure, and a Zelle pending status will appear. You can simply initiate your money transfer on working days and before 7 pm EST to avoid such kind of delays. Moreover, if you’ve already made your payment during non-working hours, all you can do is wait. There are no alternatives available.

4. Ask the Receiver to Enroll Themselves on Zelle

You might be facing the why is my Zelle payment pending error because the recipient hasn’t registered themselves on Zelle. If, after making the payment, you later realize that the recipient isn’t registered on Zelle, you can do one thing.

You can ask the receiver to enroll themselves on Zelle using the same email ID or phone number that you’ve entered at the beginning. And once that person creates a Zelle account, your Zelle pending payment issue will vanish.

However, what if the receiver doesn’t want to register himself on Zelle? No worries, just follow the following technique.

5. Cancel a Zelle Pending Payment

Zelle understands that sometimes people, by mistake, make payments to another one who doesn’t have a Zelle account. And therefore, it has given its users the option of canceling their Zelle pending payments. You can just cancel your pending settlement, and you don’t need to worry about delayed payments.

However, remember you can only cancel your payments if the receiver to whom you’ve made your payments hasn’t yet registered on Zelle. These are the simple steps you need to follow to cancel a pending payment:

  • Launch your Zelle or mobile banking app
  • Navigate to the ‘Active Page’
  • Choose the payment activity that you want to cancel
  • Click on the “Cancel This Payment” option
  • Confirm the cancellation, and you’re done

6. Get in Touch with Zelle Customer Service Team

Didn’t work any of the mentioned methods? Don’t worry, we’ve another solution for you. You can get in touch with the customer service team of Zelle and tell them about your Zelle pending payment issue.

Here’s the customer service email address and number of Zelle. Remember to only use these details to connect with Zelle’s customer service team.

Phone Number: 00 1 501-748-8506

Email ID: [email protected]

7. Use Other Alternative Payment Apps

Another way to pass through the why is my Zelle payment pending issue is by using some other alternative peer-to-peer payment apps. You can use PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App; these apps work excellent. In fact, you can use money in your Venmo or Cash App account or make payments directly from your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Fix Pending Payments in Zelle?

There are many ways using which you can fix your Zelle pending payments error. The simplest and easiest method is to wait for some time, and your payment will eventually get settled. If not, you can get in touch with its customer service team and ask them for their help.

However, it’s always better to make sure from your end that you’re never involved in the actual problem-causing elements. You can do so by always double-checking the recipient’s phone number or email ID. Also, try to initiate any payments on working days or before 7 pm EST to avoid any delays.

2. Why is My Zelle Payment Pending?

When the Zelle account shows a pending status, it means that the payment that you’ve initiated hasn’t been completed yet. In other words, the receiver to whom you’ve sent the money hasn’t received it yet. There could be a couple of reasons behind this pending problem. It could be because the recipient doesn’t have a Zelle account, or you’ve initiated payment on a holiday, or it may be because the Zelle or Bank app’s server is down, or many more. 

Final Words

No doubt, the query around Zelle’s pending payments is somewhat frustrating. But at the same time, the fact that the answer to it isn’t a tough nut to crack leaves users with a breathing space. 

In case you’ve had sleepless nights due to a payment struck mid-way, reading this write-up will ensure you and your payment end up on the sunny side. The article bags everything from probable reasons to possible fixes. A quick reading session is worth your time and attention.

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