Shein is a globally recognized B2C fast fashion eCommerce platform. A whole lot of people use Shein as their go-to place for shopping when some events are near. The platform is a B2C model, which means the producers of the goods and garments Shein offers directly cater to end customers. It makes the product cheap and affordable for a large population. But occasionally, you experience issues such as your order getting stuck in shipping. So, you may ask, ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’

Shein is located in China, and all the orders are delivered from there. So, if you live in the US or Europe, it is physically very far. All that distance can bring issues such as your Shein package getting stuck in shipping due to customs, delays, and more. Also, since all the delivery is done through cargo ships in Oceans, Shein may not correctly estimate the delivery time. 

We have been asked this question ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’ multiple times by our readers. So we decided to research this topic and present you with some key reasons why your Shein package sometimes gets stuck in shipped and takes a long time for delivery. We have also compiled some solutions you can apply.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?

As stated, Shein does all its delivery from China. As most of the Shein producers and sellers are located in China, making all their deliveries from there makes sense. But suppose you are trying to deliver it to places such as North America, South America, or Europe. In that case, the physical distance is much vast that any technology is unable to find the solution.

The shipping from China can take weeks and even months to arrive in the western hemisphere due to various transits and logistical issues, so you may see it as getting stuck when tracking the package.

Although you can use faster delivery options, it is much more expensive. This leads to many people shipping their packages the standard way. The standard shipping is done from regular cargo ships and can take longer than expected to arrive

Also, other issues can occur, such as the export customs in China would not clear the shipment in time, and the containers that your package contains can get stuck in transit in various ports and corridors along the way. 

And even if it somehow makes it to your country, the import customs need to check the items and clear them before heading to your residence.

We have compiled some possible reasons for answering the ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’ question. Please read ahead.

Possible Reasons For Your Shein Package Stuck In Shipped


There are various possible reasons we have identified in our research. We listed the most common ones and described them below.

1. Shipping Status Not Updated

Most of the time, the answer to your ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’ is that the shipping status is not updated. There is a high chance that the shipping is being done regularly, but the update is delayed.

On a regular day, the shipping companies are packed and busy. And most of the shipping processes and systems are not automated yet. This all leads to a delay in updating the status of shipping.

Your package may have arrived in your home country, but the shipping status only shows the package getting stuck in ‘Shipped.’ 

2. Issues In Transit

The shipping routes are very long. A single container of goods has to go through so many Transits and Clearings that it is impossible to keep track of every place they go through. A small issue in one of the transit can get the shipment stuck for several days. 

So, there is also a chance that your package was on the container that got stuck due to some issues in transit. 

3. Stuck At Export Customs

All the shipments that go outside any country have to go through the export customs. The export customs are in charge of clearing the shipments when they meet the criteria or documents. 

There is also the chance that the export customs in china have not yet cleared the shipment to leave the port and are yet to leave the port.

4. Order Placed At Promotional Event

Promotional events such as some holiday sales, stock clearing sales, etc., put an extra load onto Shein and the shipping infrastructure. The sudden rise in the deliveries may have been unprecedented and can cause many delays.

So, there is a chance that You placed your order in such time. This can not only happen near important event dates in your country but also in China. All these large rises in delivery will cause delays, and you will see your Shein package may take time to deliver.

5. Delayed Delivery

Sometimes Shein delivery itself can be late. Since Shein is a large company, there can always be some issues within the company or the company that is delivering your products. Some minor issues in any of the areas can lead to delays in shipment delivery. 

It may be stuck even if the tracking shows the package is already shipped. It is a known issue with Shein that many packages are delayed or do not reach the customer in time.

6. Stuck At Import Customs

Even if the package does get shipped to your home country within time, it again has to go through the import customs, pay taxes, and get cleared to enter. This process also has its problems. Often a missing document or delay in paying or declaring taxes can lead to the shipment not being cleared by the customs inspectors.

If your package gets stuck in import customs, the delivery company takes care of it but may cause a delay in reaching your address.

Solutions For Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

We discussed the possible issues and problems that make you ask the question, ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’. Now, what can you do to solve the problems? Seems like all of the problems causing the delay are out of a regular person’s hands.

Below, we have compiled some solutions you can try and explained them in detail.

1. Keep Tracking

The best thing you can do in cases such as the package getting stuck in customs or transit is to keep tracking the package. Most of the time, you would find out that even if the package is being shipped in its normal timeframe, the update is not done in time. And other times, even if the package gets stuck, it is only a matter of time before it gets released and heads towards its destination.

The shipping industry is very big and often decentralized, so it is much harder to find what happened. But if you have ordered and Shien has shipped it properly, the package will be delivered to you sooner or later.

2. Wait For Some More Days

Another best thing you can do is to wait for some more days. As stated, the problems that get shipments stuck are often normal and happen frequently. So you do not need to worry. Just wait for more days, and you will get the update on the tracking app. 

Most of the issues that get your packages stuck in shipping are logistical issues, customs issues, and transit problems. Shein or the delivery company cannot solve all of the issues. It is a logistical and transport issue. So wait for some days; if still the package does not move from shipping, You can apply the solutions below.

3. Contact Shein Customer Support

If the problem persists and you do not seem to get an update about the package you ordered from Shein, you can now contact Shein Customer support. Shein has its regional customer support in various locations around the world. If you live in the US, you can contact Shein US on this page, where you can log into your Shein account and chat live with a representative.

If you live in the UK, then go to this link, select your issue and contact Shein UK for support. And if you are in India, go to this link of Shein India, log in to your account, and chat live with the customer representative.

For any other international customer, you can search on google for your regional Shein Support and contact them. If you still cannot find a support contact, go to this link for Shein’s contact email and phone number.

4. Contact Your Courier

Sometimes, Shein may have already delivered the package to your home country, but the package is stuck there. In this case, Shein will advise you to contact the Courier. You can contact your National Post or the delivery company that delivers your package to you.

First, you have to find out which is the company delivering your package. The China Post delivers the package to your National Post in most standard shipments. However, for express deliveries, China Post hands over your package to the courier company that is delivering the package. So, contact the courier company to find out the exact issue that is causing the delay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’ are taken from the internet.

1. What Shipping Company Does Shein Use?

Shein uses China Post for shipping, and China Post will hand over the shipment to the National Post of your country or the delivery company that is taking care of your order. In the case of the US, it is USPS in standard delivery and FedEx in express delivery. For french customers, it is La Poste or Colissimo.

2. How Accurate Is Shein’s Estimated Delivery?

The delivery estimate provided by Shein is often accurate but does depend on the time of the year and also the situation of international shipments. In addition, there can be times of festivals and events that can hamper the delivery date.

3. What Happens If My Shein Order Doesn’t Arrive?

If your Shein order doesn’t arrive within the estimated time and under the customer protection time, you can contact Shein with the details from your parcel tracking system and ask them for help.


Therefore, the answer to your ‘Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped?’ question can be various. For example, the package may be stuck in the Export customs, got delayed from the company, is still in transit, or is being shipped normally, but your system is not updated yet. There can also be tax issues when entering your country, and the delivery company has not declared or cleared the tax.

This article explains all the possible issues in detail and also provides solutions for that issue to resolve.

Hope this answers your question and provides you with valuable information.

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