Wondering Why Venmo won’t let me add a card? In this article we will answer your question.

Venmo accepts credit, debit, and prepaid cards. While they reserve the ability to decline a card if they suspect fraudulent activities, they rarely do. So, if you have a “Venmo won’t let me add a card” situation, you might wonder if there’s something wrong with your card or account. 

Why Won’t Venmo Let Me Add a Card?

Venmo doesn’t let a user add more than 4 cards within the span of 6 months, active or deleted. Even if you try to delete the 4th card and a new one, the limit means you won’t be able to do so in 6 months. If this isn’t the reason Venmo isn’t letting you add a card, security concerns from the bank or Venmo might be another. 

What Could Be the Reasons for Venmo Declining a Card? 

According to Venmo, the payment platform accepts all kinds of debit, credit, or prepaid cards. Even gift cards network brands such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are allowed. 

So, the reasons Venmo won’t accept a card are few. 

1. Reached Card Limit

The most probable cause of Venmo not accepting a card is probably the card limit. If a person uses too many different cards, Venmo suspects them of some sort of illegal activity. 

To ensure people aren’t committing fraudulence on their platform, Venmo has a 4 rolling card limit. Within 6 months, a person should only be able to use 4 cards on the platform.

 It’s not a system where a card can be replaced with another. Instead, there is a hard limit of 4 on the cards until 6 month passes. 

You have no other option but to wait this out. Venmo might actually change the rolling card limit later. 

2. Lack of Funds

From time to time, Venmo may prevent you from adding a card if there is a lack of balance in the account related to your card. 

The rejection may come from Venmo or from your bank or credit union. They might be unwilling to let you use your card anywhere until you have replenished the funds. 

Reach out to your card issuer in this case. They would be able to confirm if there is some problem with the card itself. 

3. Address Change

Did you change your address recently? Are you using another branch of the bank? If you are, did you update the zip code information for your card too? 

Your bank might find it hard to reconcile the change in information of the zip code. As a result, they are declining your attempts at using the card anywhere. Again, it is best to call your bank to be certain of the cause. 

4. Blocked Card

Maybe you made some weird purchases recently? Your bank account is showing some unusual activity? 

If that happens, it is not uncommon for your bank to block the card. They suspect someone else got their hands on your card. If you have never made a huge purchase before, it is easy to understand why they think so. 

As a result, your bank blocked your card and now you can’t use it anywhere. If so, you need to call your bank or credit card union and let them confirm your identity once again to unblock the card. 

5. Expired Card and New Card

Take a proper look at the expiration date of your card. Did you already pass it? If you have passed the expiration date, Venmo isn’t allowing you to add the card. 

The card does not exist in any system for now. 

Your bank has probably already issued a new card for you. Your credit union might even send you a card with an EMV chip, which is great for preventing cloning. 

6. Server Issues

Sometimes, the servers are simply out of order. The problem could be with your bank, credit union, or Venmo server. 

When it is a server issue, it is hard to figure out the main source of the problem. For your bank or credit union, you will have to call both and see if there are any issues with their system today. 

If those two are working fine, you can check online for trouble with Venmo’s servers. Go to Is It Down Right Now? To get server status confirmation on Venmo. 

If the servers are down due to a maintenance check, you might have already received a mail informing you so. Otherwise, an unexpected problem with the server may take some time before it can work again. 

Take about a day and see if you can add the card.

You can also call Venmo’s customer care at 855-812-4430 to get more details. 

7. Wrong Billing Information

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the card. It’s just our eyes that seem to mess up the CVV number, adding a 4 where it should be a 6. 

Look over the details, over and over again. One typo and Venmo won’t be able to let you add a card. 

How to Add a Card to Venmo? 

Now that you know why ‘Venmo won’t let me add a card’ Let’s take a look at how to add a card to Venmo.

Be certain you are following the right process of adding a card to Venmo. 

  • Launch the Venmo app. 
  • Login to the account which presently had the linked card. 
  • Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the page.
    Profile venmo
  • Tap on gear icon for Settings.
    Settings venmo app
  • Select Payment Methods. 
  • Choose Add bank or card. 
  • Select Card. 
  • You can manually type in your card details such as account holder name, card number, CVV, and the expiration date. 
  • You can also give Venmo permission to access your phone camera. Venmo will take a snap of your card and use the information to add it to their system. 

It takes usually about a minute for Venmo to complete the card verification process. 


Some frequently asked questions related to the topic “Venmo won’t let me add a card” are taken from the internet.

1. Is there a credit card limit on Venmo?

The credit card limit on Venmo is whatever the amount that has been set by your credit union. However, for the Venmo credit card itself, the starting limit is $250. Reliable users can raise their Venmo credit card limit over time. 

2. What are the perks of a Venmo credit card?

The Venmo credit card does not have an annual fee and rewards you between 1 to 3% for every purchase and bill split between friends. Venmo also allows contactless payment through the Venmo credit card. Additionally, the reward received can be turned into crypto by simply turning on the toggle button inside the app. If the card is stolen, you can simply turn off the card functions from in-app settings. 

3. Does Venmo have a debit card? 

Venmo has a MasterCard debit card. The card is operable anywhere in the US where the MasterCard is an acceptable form of payment. 

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, there’s no solution to a “Venmo won’t let me add a card” scenario. Other times, simply waiting for some time allows you to add a card. If you can’t add your debit card to Venmo at all for some reason, try to add your bank account instead. 

You will have to replace your previous bank account to do so. In total, you can have 4 cards and 1 bank account. The 4 card count is kept with credit, debit, gift, and prepaid cards in the same account. 

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