Are you bothered about “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” error message? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Read the following article and learn everything about it and how you can deal with the same.

“Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” what’s that all about?

It isn’t a hard thing to guess that “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” is an error message that pops up and restricts you from dealing with your regular activities around the app. What’s tough, though, is understanding the factors that actually cause the same. No doubt, unethical activities can lead to all sorts of discomfort; at times, a glitched server can also lead to such unpleasant situations.

Venmo’s entire gimmick is that you can transfer money in minutes. So, when you receive an error code of “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while,” it’s frustrating. Is Venmo down? Is it a problem with your account? The queries can be many, and so does the perfect answer. Let’s find out the possibilities and what you could do to solve the issue. 

What Does the “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” Error Code Mean?

Venmo error

The “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” is something you see when you’re trying to send money to someone. If the payment went safely to their bank account, you would’ve received a payment confirmation. Instead, you received this error code. 

In this case, there wasn’t any attempt made for the transaction. Either Venmo or the bank paused the payment. The money should not leave the bank at all. If it does, it should be redeposited into your bank in a short while. If the amount isn’t credited back, you should contact Venmo support. 

The normal course of action is to do what Venmo tells you. Wait for a while and make the transaction again. If your second try is unsuccessful or worse, your third try, leave it alone for the day. Let 24 hours pass and make another attempt. 

If it is an urgent payment situation, and you can’t wait for Venmo to come to allow you the transaction, either try another bank account or a payment service like PayPal. 

If you see the error message, it is time for you to contact customer support. Knowing the possible reasons, you are receiving this error code could help. 

6 Reasons and Probable Solutions for the “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” Error

Reasons why Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while

1. Bank Declined the Transaction

If your account is in a huge bank, such as Chase, you might have transaction trouble with payment services often. Due to the number of transactions they do in a single day, the servers on these banks crash frequently. 

As a result, when Venmo sends requests to them for payment, they don’t get an answer. Venmo is unable to process the transaction. So, you receive the “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” message instead. 

For a quick solution, find your bank or your debit card issuer’s support number. Inform them you are having trouble with the transactions. For technical issues, they won’t be able to solve the problem immediately. However, reports from customers will let them know the problem exists, and they will look to upgrade their system faster. 

2. Credit Card Issuer Declined

Are you making your payment from Venmo through your credit card? Similar to your bank and debit card issuer, your credit union could be experiencing technical issues due to high traffic. Your credit card would be unable to make the transaction in this situation. 

The only thing to do in case of a technical problem is to wait for them to fix it. Give it some time and see if you can make the payment. If not, you can contact your credit card support team for help. 

You might have to switch to another credit card, debit card, or bank account for transactions if it’s urgent. 

3. Venmo’s Automated Security Activated

In an effort to protect the customers of Venmo, the payment service has an automated security system. This flagging system is activated every time Venmo detects suspicious activity. 

  • The first step when Venmo suspects something wrong is to decline payment. So, you see the “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” error code. 
  • The next is to restrict your profile completely. You might not be able to receive payments either. 
  • After investigating your account, if it turns out everything is fine, these restrictions are lifted. 
  • If you want to speed up the process, you could contact their support team. They will need your identification and proof you own the account. Once you submit these details, they will unfreeze your account. 

So, what triggers these automated security measures?

Suppose the recipient is someone who you have no prior transactions with. Of course, the flag isn’t always raised in these situations. However, sometimes, the system could feel the recipient account is unsafe, and it’s possible you’re sending money to the wrong account. 

Some Probable Cases:

  • If you have no mutual friend with the recipient. When you don’t share friends with the recipient, Venmo thinks you’re sending the money to the wrong person. 
  • If you’re sending money to a business. Suppose you’re making money to an unverified business account. This account has had too many transactions in the past few days. Since it seems suspicious, Venmo isn’t letting other people send money to them anymore. Only the business account can clear the confusion with Venmo then. 
  • If it’s because of a first-time recipient situation, you can scan your friend’s Venmo QR code to send them the money instead. 

4. Over The Transaction Limit

On initial sign-up, Venmo has a transaction limit of $299.99 for person-to-person payment. After you provide necessary details, such as identification, link a debit or credit card, and proof you’re above 18, Venmo raised the transaction limit to $4,999.99

The person-to-person transaction limit is also the weekly limit. If you try and make a payment to someone over this number, you will receive the “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” message. 

If you have already sent a payment to one or multiple people and surpassed the weekly limit, you will receive this message too. 

Since you have gone over the limit, Venmo has no choice but to decline the transaction. 

5. Venmo Is Down

It does not always have to be the bank or credit union’s fault. Sometimes, Venmo can be down too. 

Venmo has a 40 million user base. While all of them might not be active at the same time or even the same month, it’s still a huge number. Venmo has to set up systems in place for all users to have smooth transactions.

Sometimes, it does not work as one would hope. Venmo’s servers can be down, leading to the “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” error code. 

Moreover, in addition to regular transactions, the entire app could be down. To check if it is the case or not, you can simply go to websites that keep track of these things. 

If the app is working, but you’re getting transaction declined messages, Venmo’s payment servers could be down rather than the app. If it’s a technical issue, call Venmo’s customer support. The number is +1-855 812 4430. 

They will inform you whether it’s a technical issue on their end or if you’re facing problems with your bank. 

6. Wrong Recipient

This is an unlikely scenario but not impossible. Suppose you are making a payment to the wrong person. 

To make payments on Venmo, you have to enter the person’s email address, phone number, or username. Suppose you entered the wrong email address or phone number. 

If it is not your friend and the payment is going to someone you don’t know, you won’t receive the “Please try again later.” error code. Payment will go through in most cases, or Venmo’s automated security system would stop the process. 

Sometimes, though, you could be making a payment to a wrong phone number or email address where the recipient doesn’t have Venmo. All payments you make on Venmo are sent to the recipient’s Venmo balance. If they don’t have a Venmo account, where would that money go? 

Nowhere. Venmo can’t send it directly to the person’s bank account from their email address or phone number alone. 

Venmo would have no choice but to reject the payment. And so, you are the receiver of a “Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while” error message. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does it mean when Venmo says try again in a short while?

The try again in a short while error message usually comes when there are technical issues on Venmo’s end. It’s exactly what you should do. Try after a while, and in most situations, the payment will go through. 

2. Why do my transactions keep getting declined?

Usually, when your transaction is declined, it’s an issue on the bank’s end. It could be technical issues, it could be an overwhelming number of purchases, or an attempt to buy something beyond the transaction limit. 

3. What are Venmo security flags?

Venmo has an automated security system. Many of the red flags on the system are unknown. However, some of them include restricting payment when the receiver is someone without any mutual friend with the sender or first-time payment to someone. 

“Venmo Transaction declined Please try again in a short while”: Fixed

If you’re experiencing the Venmo “Transaction declined. Please try again in a short while.” error message over and over again, you should contact customer support. If things don’t work out after talking with their representative, it’s better to move on to another US-based payment service. 

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