“This card has been added by another user Venmo” is an odd message to receive when the card belongs to you. Why would another user have your Venmo card linked to their account?  Should you be concerned? Let’s find out.  

What’s the Issue “This card has been added by another user Venmo” All About?

The “This card has been added by another user Venmo” message suggests the card you’re trying to link is already linked to another Venmo account. It could be because you have another Venmo account linked to your bank, or a third party has gotten hold of your card details and now happens to use your card on their account. 

Why Does Venmo Say That My Card is Already Added? 

If you receive the “This card has been added by another user Venmo” message from Venmo, there are a couple of possibilities to consider:

1. Another Venmo Account

Do you have another Venmo account? An old one or a new one you created recently? Do you perhaps recall linking the debit card to the other Venmo account? No? It would be a good idea to check anyway. 

Even if you did not link your debit card, if you linked your bank, which issued the debit card, Venmo would still consider the card to be part of the other account. 

So, when you try to add your debit card to the present Venmo account, it’s registered as already linked. 

2. Someone Else Is Using It

The scary possibility is a stranger has your debit card information linked to their Venmo account. Though, in a situation like that, they would need your phone number for a successful verification process. 

If they have been using your card, you should also have received messages of purchases via your card or had a decrease in your bank account balance. 

Alternatively, maybe you linked your card to a friend’s account once. Your friend forgot to remove the linked card, so you can’t add it to your account now. 

Hopefully, this is the situation. 

3. False Memory

Did you link the card to this Venmo account before? Then removed it at some point? 

As you are trying to add it now, Venmo could be dealing with a false card memory. So, an attempt at linking the card now is resulting in the “This card has been added by another user” message. 

In general, try not to add and remove the same or multiple cards in a short time on Venmo. The payment platform can easily deem these as suspicious activities. 

How to Fix “This card has been added by another user Venmo

To fix the “This card has been added by another user Venmo” issue, you must ensure the card is not linked to any other account but yours. 

1. Remove Bank Account or Card

If you’re facing this issue because the bank account is related to the card or the card is already added to another account, you only need to remove it from said account. 

To remove the card from Venmo on the app:

  • Launch the Venmo app. 
  • Login to the account which presently had the linked card. 
  • Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the page.
    Profile venmo
  • Tap on gear icon for Settings.
    Settings venmo app
  • Select Payment Methods. 
  • You will see a list of your linked banks and credit cards. 
  • Tap on the name of the bank
  • On the new screen, you will see the Remove button. 
  • Tap it. A pop-up will ask you to confirm
  • Tap Remove Bank again. 

To remove the card from Venmo on the desktop:

  • Go to Venmo.com. 
  • Click on Log in at the top right of the page. 
  • Enter the login credentials and sign in. 
  • The left side of the page will have several options.
  • Click on Settings.
    Settings venmo web
  • Under Settings, choose Payment Methods. 
  • The list of your payment methods will appear on the page. 
  • Select your bank. 
  • Click the highlighted Remove button that appears. 
  • Venmo will ask you if you’re certain. 
  • Click on Yes to confirm

By removing the bank, you have also de-linked your debit card from the Venmo account. 

If you try adding the card to your present Venmo account, it should work. 

For an old Venmo account that has the card linked, you might not remember the credentials. 

  • On the login page, select Forgot Password?
  • Venmo will ask you to choose between a number or an email address linked to the account. 
  • Choose the one you still have access to. 
  • An OTP will be sent from Venmo to the chosen number or email address. 
  • Enter the OTP on Venmo. 
  • Create a new password. 
  • Use the new password to login to the old account. 

2. Deactivate One Venmo Account

Venmo’s rules do not allow you to have more than one Venmo account. If you do, you have to deactivate one of them. 

Even if you remove the bank from one account, to have two accounts under your name could cause issues in the future. Venmo might flag one of the accounts, and you won’t be able to use any of the money in the Venmo balance. 

After removing your bank account and the credit card from the account, you should close the account. 

To deactivate your Venmo account on the app:

  • Open the Venmo app. 
  • Tap your profile icon at the bottom right of the page.
    Profile venmo
  • The Settings icon will appear in the right corner of the new page.
    Settings venmo app
  • Scroll down to Preferences
  • Tap on Account
  • Select Close Venmo Account under it. 

To deactivate your Venmo account on the desktop:

  • Go to Venmo.com
  • Sign in and click on the Settings section at the left bottom of the page.
    Settings venmo app
  • You will find Close my Venmo account at the end of the options. 
  • Select it and tap confirm when Venmo prompts. 

3. Clear Cache and Data

If you’re receiving the “This card has been added by another user Venmo” message only on the app and not on the desktop version, clearing the cache might be all you need to do. 

  • Hard press the app. 
  • Tap the info icon. 
  • Select Clear Cache. 
  • For extra measures, select Clear Data too. 
  • Reboot your phone. 
  • Try adding the Venmo card again after logging in. 

Before you delete your Venmo cache memory, note down your credentials. You won’t be stumped while trying to sign back in this way. 

4. Contact Venmo Support

If your card is being used by someone else, you must contact Venmo customer support at once. 

Venmo’s service number is (855) 812-4430. You can also fill in the form on the Contact Us page to solve the issue. 

Venmo might ask for further details to verify whether you are the true owner of the card. On confirmation, they will suspend the account of whoever is using your card without your permission. 

Additionally, you should contact your bank and ask them to put your card on hold until you sort out the issue. 

Venmo: How Does the Platform Work?

Venmo is a digital payment platform limited inside the US, unlike its global sibling Paypal. The concept of Venmo boils down to instant splitting of bills with your friends. You can send and receive money on the app. 

You can also receive a Venmo Mastercard from the platform, which you can use anywhere. Master is an acceptable payment method. You can purchase from Venmo’s partner stores and set up direct deposits on the app. You can also buy, sell, and possess 4 total types of cryptocurrency on the app. 

It’s a free app with charges only applicable when you use its premium features. Transfers take less than 30 minutes, and there are limits placed on transfer amount for your safety. As long as you are 18 years old, with a US phone number, and located inside the US, you should be able to use the app. 


1. Why is Venmo not accepting my card?

If Venmo suspects some fraudulence issues with your card, they may decline it. The rejection might also come if you lack funds or in the absence of a zip code. 

2. Can you add someone else’s card to your Venmo?

If both of you are the legal owner of the debit card, you may be able to add someone else’s card. If you aren’t the owner, you will need the person’s help with the verification process. 

The card should also not be already added to the owner’s Venmo account. In that case, you will receive the “This card has been added by another user Venmo” message.

3. Can a card be connected to two Venmo accounts?

No, a card can not be connected to two Venmo accounts. Unless both of the Venmo accounts belong to you and one is a personal and the other is a business account. 

Wrapping Up

So, if you see a “This card has been added by another user Venmo” message, don’t panic. Go through the steps calmly and if it turns out someone else has a hold of your card, contact Venmo support immediately. 

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