Wondering why you are getting the message “Venmo The Server Returned An Error?” No need to worry in this article, we will help you fix it!

Venmo is popular peer-to-peer money transferring app. Its emphasis on social interaction and financial flexibility has made it one of the popular choices among young and old users. But as with most systems, Venmo is also vulnerable to many different errors and functional difficulties. For example, one of the common errors faced by users on the app is Venmo The Server Returned An Error.

This error, in particular, is not a serious one. Many users have reported having this error while taking various actions in the app. This error simply means that after the action you took as a user, the Venmo server returned an error. This is not a big issue as it may be caused by various factors such as network issues, Venmo server issues, malfunctioning of the Venmo app itself, or any issue with your device itself.

As we got many complaints from our readers about this issue, we decided to do some research and present the probable causes and solutions to you. So, we scoured the internet for solutions and causes. We also read the Venmo user manuals on Venmo’s website. So, read this article in full if you want a descriptive solution for the problem of Venmo, “The Server Returned An Error.”

Why Am I Receiving Venmo The Server Returned An Error?

As a system, Venmo was built to help its users easily transact with their friends and families and interact with them in a social media setup. Users can publicly post their transactions and share their expenditures with their friends on Venmo.

While it may look like social media, Venmo is a Fintech system at its core. Fintech systems are systems designed to facilitate financial activities for their users through digital tools such as Mobile phones or computers. For proper functioning of the system, the devices used by the users need to be able to connect and communicate with the Venmo server. Any disturbance in the connection can cause the user to take action to fail or the server to return error messages.

If you are receiving Venmo “The Server Returned An Error,” there is a high probability that there are some issues in the flow of information to and from the server. To resolve the issue, we must first find at what point the connection to the server is being interrupted. This can range from any issue on your device to the failure of the Venmo server itself. So, let’s first start to understand the cause in detail.

Possible Causes Of Venmo The Server Returned An Error

As stated, any interruption or malfunction from your device to the Venmo server can result in you getting Venmo The Server Returned An Error. However, once you find out the cause, you can go on to solve the problem. 

We have listed some key causes associated with the Venmo “The Server Returned An Error.” 

1. Session Time-Out In Venmo

This is one of the most overlooked and prevalent causes of the Venmo “The Server Returned An Error.” Venmo has a set time session of login. That means that once you log into your account and leave it without using the app, the system will log you out of the account after some time. This is called session timeout. Various apps place security measures to ensure an unauthorized person does not use the account.

So, if you logged into your account, left it unused for some time, and again took action on the app, it can display Venmo “The Server Returned An Error.” That is because the server already logged you out of the system, and the action you took on the app is now considered invalid. Hence you get Venmo “The Server Returned An Error.”

2. Network Issues

Internet connection is the medium in which every app converses with its server and lets you do things on the app. Sometimes the internet connection can cause Venmo to “The Server Returned An Error.” It may not only be your internet connection but can also be the whole network you are in. 

Some malfunctioning in the entire network on which your internet connection is connected can cause several issues such as this error. Once you get this error message on Venmo, you should also consider the possibility that your internet connection can also be at fault.

3. Venmo App Issues

This is another cause that may have resulted in you getting Venmo “The Server Returned An Error.” Apps sometimes malfunction as the cache memory gets corrupted due to some reason. The cache memory holds all the data for the app to run smoothly. And if the cache memory gets corrupted, the app cannot function properly.

So if you are getting Venmo The Server Returned An Error, it may also be because your Venmo app’s cache memory got corrupted.

4. Venmo Server Error

At last, the server error. Yes, as the server of Venmo can also be at fault sometimes, and it may result in Venmo “The Server Returned An Error.” Whenever the Venmo server returns an error, it’s not always the external factor that goes wrong. There is still the possibility of the Venmo server not running properly. 

Solutions To Try For Venmo The Server Returned An Error

As you probably guessed, what is the cause of the Venmo The Server Returned An Error in your app. While these errors may not be a very good experience for you on the platform, it also does not mean you encountered a non-fixable problem.

This error is very common and can be fixed quite easily and fast. Therefore, we have compiled some solutions for you to try based on the causes identified above.

1. Wait For An Hour

Yes, as lame as it sounds, this error usually gets fixed with some time. So, just wait for an hour or so and try again. Often, this time you give will be enough for any malfunction on the system to be detected and solved. This may not be the technical solution you must have been waiting for, but it is one of the best you can try.

So, just close the Venmo app and let it sit unused for about an hour. Then, try again, and most of the time, the Venmo The Server Returned An Error issue may have already been solved.

2. Check Server Status

If, even after one hour, the issue is not fixed and you continually get Venmo “The Server Returned An Error,” then you need to see if the Venmo server is running properly. For this, just visit DownDetector and enter the Venmo website address. The DownDetector will identify if there is an issue with the Venmo server itself or not. 

And if the DownDetector also shows you an error with the server, then you must wait until the problem gets resolved. But if the server is running well and still you are getting the error, you can move to the next solution.

3. Reconnect To Cellular Data Or WiFi/ Change Network

As already stated, sometimes the whole network in which your internet connection is established could be at fault. However, it happens often and is not a huge problem to solve. You can simply reconnect your WiFi to another network or change the network to cellular data from WiFi.

Often, the issue gets resolved with this. However, at the same time, it cannot be known the cause of the Network error but can be solved by changing the network or using the cellular data. If this solution does not resolve your issue again, you can move on to the next solution.

Note: Do not use VPN while using Venmo. In case if you have been using one, disconnect it first before proceeding.

4. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device may not sound like a proper solution, but it sometimes does work. Restarting the device gives your app time to restart and reboot, forcing it to reconnect to the server. While it may not work every time, but does work sometimes. Who knows, maybe it is this time that it will solve the issue?

5. Reinstall The Venmo App

Reinstalling the app after uninstalling it will delete all the files it has stored and gives a fresh start to the Venmo app. In addition, deleting all the old files may lead to the app being reconnected to the server and properly responding to the action you took on the app.

So, if you are using iOS or Android, you can simply tap and hold the app on the home screen and uninstall it. After uninstalling, go to the App Store or Play Store and reinstall it. This must solve your issue. 

6. Contact customer support

Venmo The Server Returned An Error

However, if the issue is not yet resolved and you keep getting Venmo “The Server Returned An Error,” now you only have an option to contact Venmo customer support for assistance. You can contact Venmo customer support by going to this page and submitting a ticket to them. The customer support staff will respond to you and tell you if there is any other issue that is not known is causing it.

Alternatively, call us at (855) 812-4430 (8:00 am – 8:00 pm CT, seven days a week) for faster support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic are taken from the internet.

1. What Is The Difference Between PayPal And Venmo?

While both apps offer similar services, Venmo and PayPal vary in terms of the service area and the no-fee payment option. For example, PayPal works worldwide, but Venmo is only available in the US. Also, PayPal only offers no-fee payments from Bank or the PayPal wallet, and Venmo extends this service further into Debt cads.

2. Which Is Safer, Venmo Or PayPal?

Although both PayPal and Venmo are owned by the same company, PayPal can be said to be a safer app because of its robust, secure, and safe option for transactions. PayPal has also proven itself as a reliable payment method by serving worldwide. But if you only do transactions with Friends and family, Venmo could e your best solution.

3. Should I Link My Bank Account Or Debit Card To Venmo?

Venmo allows you to connect bank accounts, debit, and credit cards in the account. But for security purposes, you can connect a Credit card because it will have more security as credit cards have more legal protections governing fraud than debit cards.


Therefore, Venmo The Server Returned An Error is a common error many users face. However, this is also not a serious issue and can be solved with the easy steps mentioned in this article. This article also lists all the probable causes for this error and its solutions. Hope we answered your question and helped you solve this Venmo The Server Returned An Error.

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