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So you are trying to send a payment request to your friends and family using Venmo? Or someone you loaned some amount? While Venmo is a great tool for day-to-day financial activities, you do, however, encounter issues sometimes. One of the issues commonly faced by Venmo users is the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge.

There can be various reasons for this error, from reaching the limits of payment requests to the technical error of Venmo itself. This error simply means you cannot submit a charge. But since the term ‘User’ can be applied and interpreted in two different ways, many assume it means the user you are trying to send the request to. But in reality, the user is you. So, it simply means you cannot submit the charge request.

But what does Venmo mean by that error? Is your account in some sort of problem, and Venmo is rejecting the charge? Do not worry; this error message is not as serious as it looks, and you can solve this problem fairly easily. We conducted research on this error, collected information from Venmo, and scoured the community forums for the answer. Read this article for the probable causes and how you can solve this issue. 

Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge

The error message Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge is often gets displayed when you try to request a payment to other users. This error message gets displayed for various reasons, like when your request limit for the day is reached, or the payer has issues with their account, or even a false error because of an internet connection.

As already stated, this error message is not serious, and you do not have to worry about your account getting into problems. Many users have reported having this error and also have solved it easily. Therefore, you can also use the solutions and try to resolve them. Even if you cannot solve this problem alone, Venmo Customer support will be glad to assist you with this.

So, what can you do about this? Are there any solutions for this error? Or do I have to contact Venmo support straight? Do not worry. We got you covered on this. You can first try the solution methods we have compiled before contacting Venmo support, as it may take time for them to resolve it.

What Causes Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge?

As we discovered in our research, there can be various reasons for the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge We have listed the common causes of this error below:

1. You Reached The Daily Limit Of 10 Payment Requests

Venmo gives every user a limit of 10 payment requests per day. So, if you have requested ten payments already, you have already reached the limit and cannot send any more payment requests for the day. 

If you keep trying, you will not be able to resolve the issue, but it will only result in your account being flagged. So once you see this error on the screen, you should let it be and not try it again and again.

The ten payment requests also include if you made one request to a group of 10 friends. So, for example, if your friend group consists of 10 friends and you requested payment to the group at once, then the request is counted as 10 rather than 1.

2. The Payer’s Account Has Problems

This error also sometimes happens due to the payer’s account problems. For example, maybe the payer account is limited by Venmo, so they cannot pay you the requested amount. This leads Venmo to display the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge.

Suppose you want to find out if it is the payer side of the problem or anything else. Then, you can simply send a payment request to another user and see if it works. If you can successfully send the payment request to another user, you can be sure that the payer’s account is causing the issue.

3. Venmo Showing False Error

As Venmo is also a system, it has limitations, so you can sometimes encounter these problems and errors out of nowhere. For example, there can be a system error, which will display the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge.

So these were some common causes we found in our research. Out of the errors, the reaching daily payment request limit of 10 is the most occurring. So, how can you solve this problem? 

We have listed some solutions below, and you can try these and see if the issue gets solved. 

Solution For Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge

Once you are sure that any of the abovementioned cases result in the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge issue. Then, you can try our list of solutions based on the situation.

1. Try Requesting The Payment The Next Day

The most common reason for this error message is reaching the limit of 10 payment requests for the day. Every user gets ten payment requests in a day, and once you reach the limit, you will get the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge. The best way to solve this problem is to wait for the next day.

You can try sending a payment request again after 24 hours and see if that would fix the problem. In most cases, you will be able to solve this issue with this solution. And if, in any case, you couldn’t solve this problem, you can move on to the next solution.

But do understand that trying other solutions without seeing if the request limit has caused this issue would not do anything. So be patient and wait another 24 hours to see if this solution would solve your problem.

2. Confirm With The Payer If Their Account Is Functioning

If, even after 24 hours, you can’t solve the problem, you can contact the payer and confirm if their account is functioning and in the state to make the payment. But unfortunately, it happens often that the users are unaware of slight problems on the account and have not noticed them.

So, once you contact them, you will be sure that it is their account that is causing the issue. However, you can guess if their account has issues by just trying to request payment to other users, but it is always a good practice to contact the payer themselves to make sure.

3. Restart The Venmo App

As technical errors are normal and can happen to any system, you also have to give a benefit of the doubt in this situation. Sometimes You can also solve error messages with a simple restart of your device. So, just try restarting your device, may it be your smartphone or your computer.

Once you restart your device, it will disconnect your internet connection and reinstate it after it turns on. If the issue was because of the internet connection, it would also be solved this way. The app will also get to freshly connect with the server.

4. Re-Install The Venmo App

Besides, sometimes the app’s cache memory is also corrupted, leading to different errors. So just simply clear the app’s cache, or the fast way would be to uninstall and reinstall the app on your device.

Once you uninstall and re-install your Venmo App, the old memory will be wiped out, and the app will load freshly. This way, you will again get the server’s fresh connection and cache data.

5. Contact Venmo Support

If none of the solutions can solve your problems, you do not have to worry. Your last solution and also the most effective one is yet not tried. The Venmo customer support will help you solve any issue with your account and transactions. As they can check your account remotely, you can simply contact them and ask to solve the problem.

You can simply click here, landing you on the Venmo support page. You can describe your issue and other information and send them a support ticket. They will reply to you with the exact cause and a way to solve the issue.

Alternatively, if you want a faster solution, just contact them on 

(855) 812-4430 (8:00am-8:00pm CT, seven days a week).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge are taken from the internet.

Why Did My Venmo Request Disappear?

There is no other way for your Venmo request to disappear than the recipient declining the payment. You can be fairly certain that Venmo will notify you of the decline, and also, Venmo does not remove any requests on its own.

What Happens If Someone Doesn’t Accept Your Venmo?

If someone doesn’t accept your Venmo payment, then it will be refunded to you after three days. After that, Venmo will directly refund the amount to the paid source on your account. 

Can I Reject Payment On Venmo?

You cannot reject a payment made to you in Venmo. What you can do is not accept it for three days, and it will be sent back to the sender’s account by default. Also, you can ask the sender directly to cancel the payment made to you.


Therefore, the Venmo User Is Not Allowed to Submit a Charge is a common error and can be caused by various reasons. However, you can also solve this problem fairly quickly with a proper solution. Therefore, we have listed the probable causes of this error message and some solutions.

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