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Plaid is a fintech service that integrates bank accounts with fintech products. It enables third-party fintech solutions to let its users connect their bank accounts securely and reliably. Most of the big fintech companies use Plaid, such as Venmo, Robinhood, and Greenlight. Plaid is a product of Wells Fargo, and it uses API integration with the fintech service for a seamless user experience.

So, if you experience Wells Fargo Plaid not working, there can be various reasons. Everything in between, from the Wells Fargo server issues to the issues with your internet Network, can be possible.

If you are a user trying to connect your bank account in the 4500+ fintech service that Plaid powers, or if you are a developer trying to integrate Wells Fargo Plaid into your newly developed fintech app, it is possible to experience an error in Plaid connection at some moment.

After learning about this issue from our readers, we decided to look into it. We have compiled this troubleshooting article with extensive research on the different documents released by Plaid. Also, we visited community forums such as Reddit and Quora and read other articles about this issue. Please read ahead to find out the possible reasons for Wells Fargo Plaid not working and solutions for the problems.

Why Is Wells Fargo Plaid Not Working?

Wells Fargo Plaid Not Working

Wells Fargo Plaid is a widely used tool to connect to different banks by fintech companies. From Venmo to Robinhood, almost all the mainstream fintech services use Plaid to connect you to your Bank on their services.

Whenever you try to link your Bank to Venmo or Cashapp, it is always done through Plaid. As a result, it is a safe and reliable tool for most fintech services, allowing seamless integration to their apps and platforms. But as a user, you may experience Plaid connection issues sometimes.

We have listed some of the common causes of this issue that we found during our research. You can check for these causes and see if any of them is why you are experiencing issues with Plaid.

1. Plaid Server Is Down

The first and foremost reason for Wells Fargo Plaid not working is the issue with the server of Plaid itself. Whenever a server goes down, the ability to process any connection to the banks also decreases. This is why Plaid could not connect you to your bank account. But as rare as this cause is, it does sometimes happen at unexpected times.

So you should always keep the possibility of this happening in your mind. Plaid is a heavily used tool by more than 4500 companies, and high traffic can sometimes cause it to go down.

2. Your Bank’s Server Is Down

Another reason can be the server of your Bank. After you process your information through Plaid, Plaid servers have to connect to your Bank servers to verify your information. So, if your Bank’s servers are down, then Plaid would not be able to connect to it, and hence you get a Plaid connection error.

3. Network Issues

This is one of the most common causes of the error. The Network you are connected to with your device is much more important than you realize. Sometimes, the server of Plaid does not process information that is getting through your Network just because of security issues. Although this issue is temporary, it does, however, cause you to not be able to connect to Plaid.

So, if you are getting the Plaid connection issue, you may want to consider the possibility that your network connection or the whole Network is at fault.

4. Unable To Connect To The Bank

Sometimes, even when everything is working fine, connecting Plaid to your Bank would still be some issues. This may be partly caused by the Bank servers refusing third-party apps to connect to your account using Plaid. It also happens due to various security protocols placed on the Bank servers.

When there is an unusual surge in traffic in Bank servers, that may trigger some security measures in the Bank servers, which often prevents risky actions such as connecting third-party applications and transacting in risky environments. So, maybe you just happened to be connecting your Bank at one of these moments.

Note: If you have enabled multi-factor authentication on your bank account, you may get a verification message and email before Plaid connects to your account. If there is some error due to multi-factor authentication, try turning it off first and try again.

5. You Are Using VPN

VPNs are great security tools to prevent tracking and secure yourself. But it does come with its downsides. As a VPN connection is remote access of another server to connect to the internet, Plaid and Bank servers do not like connecting to a user through VPN servers. So, Plaid will always reject the request for the connection.

So, in case you are using a VPN or it is enabled on your device, it must be causing the Wells Fargo Plaid not to work.

6. Plaid Limiting Your Connection

Plaid limits your connection whenever it feels like a security vulnerability or suspicion in how you connect. For example, maybe you have successfully provided correct information after multiple incorrect information, or you are using a new device to connect to Plaid than other times, or your location is outside the US when trying to connect. All these are security risks, and often, Plaid limits your connection, and you will not be able to connect Wells Fargo Plaid to your Bank account.

So, if you are experiencing Wells Fargo Plaid not working, you must have identified at least one possible cause for the issue from the list. As much as you would not like to believe it, the security protocols on these apps are tight and prevent most illegal activities through these measures.

So now, if you want to solve the Wells Fargo Plaid not working issue, read ahead.

Solutions For Wells Fargo Plaid Not Working

As with most problems and issues, there are also some solutions you can try to resolve the issues with. We have listed some probable solutions for you to try.

1. Check If Your Bank And Plaid Servers Are Working

If you think that the Plaid server or your Bank server is not working, you can find it by checking with customer service. In addition, you can directly call your Bank and check if the servers are working or not.

Alternatively, you can also check the DownDetector website by obtaining links from the Bank’s or Plaid’s website and pasting them. Also, customer service is always active on social media. For example, you can use platforms like Twitter and ask them if there is a problem with their servers by tagging them.

But the best solution would be to wait another hour or so and try again. As minor servers and systems issues get fixed quickly, they will probably get fixed within some hours.

2. Turn Off VPN And Change Networks

If you have been using VPNs, then that’s a big No. Just disconnect the VPN and try again. The Plaid and Bank servers will directly refuse to connect if you connect through a VPN.

Also, if you think your Network is the issue, you can simply try changing your Network. For example, try using mobile data instead of WiFi and vice versa. If the Network is at fault, the problem will get solved.

3. Remove Any Security Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities such as multiple unsuccessful login attempts, using a public network for connection, and using new devices can cause the Wells Fargo Plaid not working issue. So, try eliminating these security vulnerabilities for Plaid to get connected securely.

4. Check With Your Bank And The Service You Are Using

If none of the solutions works for you and you can still not connect to Plaid, then it is much wiser to contact the Bank or the service provider. First, try contacting the Bank and see if there is an issue on your Bank’s side

And if there is no issue on the Bank’s side, try contacting the service you are using. For example, contact them if you are using Cash App or Venmo and tell them you cannot connect using Plaid to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to Wells Fargo Plaid Not Working are taken from the internet.

1. Why Isn’t My Bank Listed On Plaid?

If your bank is not listed on Plaid, then your Bank is not integrated into the Plaid ecosystem. Sadly this means you would not be able to connect to your Bank using Plaid. And if you want, you can contact your bank and ask them if there is anything they can do about it. 

2. Why Is Plaid Saying My Bank Info Wrong?

If Plaid is saying your Bank info is wrong, then the account’s password or username is changed on your Bank. You can try logging into your bank account first and again with the same information on Plaid. If you get the same error again, contact your bank and tell them about the issue.

3. Is Plaid Safe To Connect Bank?

Plaid is the safest option available on the market. It serves over 4500 companies and lets millions of users connect to their banks using its Network. So as far as the safety issue is concerned, Plaid can be called safe.


Therefore, if you are experiencing issues with Plaid and Plaid is not working properly to connect you to your Bank, there can be various causes. From the issues on the Plaid servers to the security vulnerabilities on your Network, many things can result in Plaid not working. 

We listed some common causes for the issue and described solutions for them. You can read this article in detail to gain more information. Hope we answered your question and helped you solve your problem.

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