Can you see who looks at your Venmo? If you’re asking this question, though, you’re probably guilty of stalking a friend on Venmo. You could also fear someone is keeping a close eye on your Venmo activities. 

Whatever might be the case, the end goal is attaining the answer, and that’s exactly what the following write-up plans to do.

Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo?

The answer is “No” You can’t see who looks or stalks your Venmo. However, the query demands more than just a direct No. Stick till the end, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

So, you’re either sighing in relief. After all, your friend doesn’t know how long you spent on their account. Or you want to find a way to protect your Venmo account from prying eyes, especially since you can’t monitor those eyes. 

So, while the answer to, “can you see who looks at your Venmo?” is a no, let’s see how to increase your security on the app. 

How Does Venmo’s Social Feed Work? 


PayPal’s little sibling since 2013, a Yahoo Finance report once said, “Venmo-stalking is the best stalking.” The app is convenient, with its secure connection to banks and quick transfer among users. Those might not be the main reason all 83 million users find the app attractive. 

Venmo’s social feed is similar to Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, it does leave out the LinkedIn feature of peeping on your stalkers in return. 

When you sign up on Venmo via an email or number, it immediately accesses people connected to your email or number. The same thing happens if you connect your Facebook to Venmo. The friends from Facebook who have an account on Venmo show up on your feed. 

When you click open Venmo, the first thing you see is the social timeline. A friend of yours has paid another, in addition to the reason for the payment underneath. You can see when someone requests payment too. Some people might make payments only with emojis. You stare at the wine glass and sushi roll emojis long enough and figure it’s the bill for drinks and food at a restaurant. 

It’s a fascinating window into how people interact with each other when it comes to money. 

If you can see their transactions, what can they see of yours? No, wonder you want to know can you see who looks at your Venmo.

Understanding Venmo privacy settings and how to use them can assuage your worries. Like all social apps, your protection is up to you. 

Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo: Protecting Your Privacy

Let’s address your second biggest concern. Since “Can you see who looks at your Venmo?” is a negative. 

You want to know if anyone who checks your account can see the amount of money you send or receive. No, the sum isn’t visible, only the act. 

Activities which you can hide from the view of others. There are three kinds of privacy modes on the payment platform. 

  • Public – Anyone who uses Venmo can see your transactions. They can see the message, time, date, and the username of the recipient along with yours. 
  • Friends – Your activities are only visible to your friends. They will be able to see the recipient’s username because they are connected to you even if they don’t know them unless the recipient’s privacy settings are on. 
  • Private – Only the sender and recipient see the transactions on the timeline. 

To keep your payment activities hidden on default on the Venmo app:

  • On the Venmo app, tap on the single-person icon. It’s the You tab. 
  • Select Settings gear on the top right. 
  • Scroll down to Privacy. 
  • Under Privacy, tap Default Privacy Setting. 
  • Select the privacy option you like the most. 

If you would rather not let your friends see your activities, you should choose Private. 

To change the default settings from the web:

  • Log in to Venmo. 
  • Click on the Settings option under your profile. 
  • Choose the privacy setting you prefer. 
  • Hit Save and exit. 

If you send or receive money from someone whose default privacy settings are public, Venmo will honor the one who has stricter settings. 

Additionally, you can change settings for each payment individually. On the payment tab, the privacy settings would be in the bottom right corner. 

It will show the default setting you have. So, if your default is private:

  • Click on the Private at the bottom. 
  • An option with other modes will pop up under Who can see this?
  • If you tap on public, this payment, in particular, would be visible to others. 

You can also hide your past transactions on Venmo. Either limit it to friends or make it completely private. 

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Select Privacy.
  • Under privacy, click on Past Transactions. 
  • Again, choose your preferred mode. 

If you do this, all your past transactions will be permanently in the specific privacy mode. This action can not be undone. 

Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo: Blocking Another Venmo User

blocking venmo users

Instead of keeping your transactions settings from everyone you know, there could be a particular person you don’t want anything to do with. You don’t want them to have the satisfaction of seeing what you are doing in your daily life. 

 It’s the main reason you want to know can you see who looks at your Venmo. 

How about blocking the particular person?

  • Open the person’s profile. 
  • If you are not friends with them on Venmo, tap on the three dashes on the top right of your screen. 
  • Select search people. 
  • Type the person’s name or username. 
  • Tap on the three circles on the upper right. 
  • There should be a block user option. 
  • Tap on it. You will be confirmed once you want to block the user. 
  • Tap on Block user again. 

You won’t see this user on your feed anymore. They won’t see you either. If they try to search for you, they won’t be able to. You also can’t see their profile anymore. No payment can be sent or requested between the two of you. 

Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo: Remove Friends on Venmo

Maybe it’s not serious enough to warrant a block. You do want them out of your feed. It could be because you’re only friends on Facebook and don’t know much about each other. 

You don’t see why they should know your payment activities. 

  • Open the Venmo app. 
  • Head to the person’s profile. 
  • Under their name, click on Friends. 
  • Tap on Unfriend. 

They are no longer on your Venmo friend list. 

Don’t worry! The user won’t know even if you unfriend them. Not unless they find your profile and notice it shows Add Friend under your name again. 

Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo: Stop Auto-Syncing

When you first create your account on Venmo, the app request permission to sync with your contact and Facebook. If you give them permission, your contacts automatically become part of your Venmo friend list. 

Every time you save a new number or get a new Facebook friend, you see them on Venmo too. 

If you think your Venmo feed is cluttered with people who have nothing to do with you, it’s time to stop the auto-syncing option. 

  • Tap on the menu in the upper right corner. 
  • Choose Settings. 
  • Scroll down to Preferences. 
  • Tap on Friends & Social under it. 
  • Find Adding Friends. 
  • Turn the toggle off for Facebook Contacts and Phone Contacts.

Venmo should no longer sync your contact list. Those who are already friends will remain. If you want to add someone, you will have to search by their username or scan their QR code. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo?

1. Can people stalk you on Venmo?

Yes, Venmo’s social feed is designed with close similarity to Facebook and Twitter. It’s possible for someone to click on your account and see when and to whom you make payments in a day. However, there’s a private setting that you need to enable if you want the stalkers to lose interest. 

2. Who can see my activity on Venmo?

If your transaction settings are public, your friends on Venmo can see your payment activities. They can’t see the payment amount or the payment method, only that you paid or charged someone. 

3. How do you find someone on Venmo?

To find someone on Venmo, you can try their username on the search box. You can only do a name search, but you will find several people with the same name that way. If the person is with you, you can scan their Venmo QR code to connect. 

If you want to find someone who is in your phone contact or your Facebook friend list, sync those with Venmo. You will have the option to send requests to people you know. 

Can You See Who Looks at Your Venmo: [Answered]

Indeed, the answer to can you see who looks at your Venmo remains a no. Much like Facebook and Instagram in this regard, you might even find apps with the claim they can track who is hanging around your account. Those are fake. Do not fall for those. As long as you are vigilant with your privacy settings, it does not matter who is checking your Venmo profile. 

And if you are enjoying being a bit nosy and looking through other’s payment activities, no one’s going to know!

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