You are signing up for Venmo for the first time, you’re certain. Yet, no matter how many times you refresh the page and try to sign up, the “Venmo phone number already registered” error text shows no signs of disappearing. 

The things are enough to confuse you and make you wonder about what’s happening here. Did you sign up for Venmo ages ago and forgot about it? Did someone else have the same number before you? Could their account still be registered with Venmo? 

You can find the answer and solution to your problem if you follow our guide closely. 

How to Fix Venmo Phone Number Already Registered Issue?

Coming across the error message “Venmo phone number already registered” when you’re just about to create your first Venmo account is pretty daunting. The obvious case, though, is when you or any of your contacts have used the concerned number for account creation. If so, just use another phone number, and you’re good to go. However, if you think the error message has nothing to do with you, just get in touch with the support team.

Let’s learn everything in detail.

Why Are You Seeing the “Venmo Phone Number Already Registered” Text?

To know the line of action you should take, we need to first understand why you’re receiving the “Venmo phone number already registered” message. 

There are several lines of possibilities here. Many you have already considered. 

  • You signed up for Venmo years ago. Somehow, you have no recollection of it. 
  • You got a new number. The previous owner of the number still has it registered with Venmo. 
  • Someone else used your phone number to sign up. They shouldn’t be able to do this without verifying. Yet, it happened. 

No matter the reason, this is an easily fixable situation. 

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered: You Have an Old Account

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered

If you have an old Venmo account, you don’t need to sign up for Venmo again. 

You can sign in with your Venmo phone number, email, or username. 

Now, if you don’t remember registering for the payment app ever, you don’t remember your password either. 

  • On the login page, click on “Forgot Password?”. 
  • You can enter your email or phone number. 
  • You probably don’t remember the email you used to register before, so enter your phone number. 
  • Venmo will text a link for resetting your password. 
  • Follow it, and you will be asked to enter a new password. 

If you are confident that you have never signed up with Venmo, it is still a better idea to move on to the next fixes. 

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered: Venmo Verify Phone Number

verify venmo phone number

If you have no recollection of ever signing up with Venmo and still receive the “Venmo phone number already registered” text, it’s probably because someone else has. 

Did you get this number recently? If so, there’s probably a US citizen who used to have the number before you. They changed their number, and when you went to get a new sim, it was newly registered under your name. 

Venmo has no way of knowing this. The person before you probably didn’t use Venmo anymore and forgot to unregister the number from the payment service app. 

If it’s so, you have a slow but ultimately easy process ahead of you. 

  • Go to Venmo’s website and leave a message via their contact form
  • If you would rather not wait, you can call them on (855) 812-4430. 
  • Let them know how you can’t register with Venmo despite never having signed up before. 
  • The Venmo representative will ask for proof that the number belongs to you. 
  • You can send them your phone bill as it would have your name registered on it. 
  • You can also send them any other ID where your phone number is listed. 
  • After confirming your identity, they will remove the phone number from the previous owner’s account. 
  • You can register for Venmo now. 

In the event someone else stole your phone number and used it to register on Venmo, this method will also work. 

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered: Sign Up for Venmo Without Phone Number

Maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle of contacting the Venmo support team. Or you find the whole process of resetting your password via a link confusing. 

You could be someone who does not feel safe registering your phone number with random apps and websites. Even with Venmo’s reputation, you would rather keep your phone number out of it if you can. 

So, you are wondering if it’s possible to sign up for Venmo without a phone number. Unfortunately, even if you use your email to sign up, Venmo will still ask for a phone number. You will have to verify your phone number the moment you try opening a Venmo account. This rule applies whether it’s for personal or business use. 

Most people who feel uncomfortable using their actual number to sign up for websites use a burner phone number. However, these come with prepaid mobile phones and has validity for only a couple of months. 

This doesn’t affect your Venmo verification, though. Unless Venmo somehow asks you to verify your phone number later in time, and you can’t do that anymore. Moreso, this method is costly. You are paying for an entire phone for a new number. 

A better option is to use one of the websites that provide temporary phone numbers. 

  • Head over to Receive SMS or a similar fake phone number website. 
  • Click on the open button from one of the US numbers. 
  • Keep the website open. 
  • Now, go to the Venmo app or the website. 
  • Hit the sign-up button. 
  • Enter your email address. 
  • Use the fake phone number you got from Receive SMS. 
  • Agree to the terms of services. 
  • Click on sign up. 
  • The verification code will be sent to the Receive SMS website. 
  • Verify your number with the code. 

Now, while you can use burner numbers, it’s better not to. There are times Venmo wants to verify your identity, and if you use a burner number, you won’t be able to. 

On most of these websites, the fake number is valid for ten minutes at most. So, if you sign up for Venmo with a fake number, do it at your own risk. 

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered: How to Change Venmo Phone Number?

You have an old Venmo account with an old phone number. Except, you got a new one, and you don’t know how to change your Venmo phone number. 

That’s one of the reasons you were trying to sign up with a new account on Venmo. You used your registered email, though, and Venmo showed you an error code instead. 

Well, you don’t need to create a new account. If you have a Venmo account, you can change your old phone number and replace it with a new number. 

Your old phone number is obsolete, though. So, you can’t log in to your old account and make the phone number change. After all, Venmo asks for verification of the phone number every time you log in from a new device. 

  • Don’t try to sign in from your new phone. 
  • Instead, check if you have an old phone or computer where you are already logged in to Venmo. 
  • There is no need to go through the security code challenge then. 
  • Go to Settings. 
  • Select Edit Profile. 
  • Update the phone number section with the new one. 
  • Verify it from your new phone.

Now, when you try to log in from your new phone with your new number, Venmo shouldn’t have any problem. 

If you don’t have an old device with a pre-logged in Venmo account, do this instead:

  • Try to log in with your email or username on the new device. 
  • A screen will appear with the option to send a verification code to your previous phone number. 
  • Additionally, you should find options that either ask you to confirm your identity with a different method or try the “I don’t have access to this phone” link. 
  • Follow the link, and Venmo will give you another method to confirm your identity. 
  • If you don’t see a link like this, contact Venmo’s support team instead. 
  • They will ask you to verify your identity via other documents. 
  • Once they know it’s you for certain, you will be able to log in to your Venmo account. 
  • You can update with the new phone number then. 

This isn’t a “Venmo phone number already registered” situation solution, but we like to keep all our bases covered. 

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered: Use Same Number for New Account

If you are wondering how to make a new Venmo account with the same number, you can. Only after you delete your phone number from the previous Venmo account. 

If you want to use the same number for two accounts, that’s not possible. But if you want to use an old phone number for a new account, you can once you delete your older account. 

To deactivate your Venmo account:

  • On the Venmo app, tap on your avatar or the profile icon. 
  • Choose Settings from the options. 
  • Under the Preferences section, you will see Account. 
  • Tap on it, and you will find the Close Venmo Account option. 
  • Venmo will ask you to transfer your Venmo balance to your bank. 
  • Click on next and follow the instructions. 
  • Another box will pop up with the question if you are certain. 
  • Hit Close Account, and it’s done. 

You can register a new account on Venmo with your old phone number now. 

However, while you are signing up, you can still see the “Venmo phone number already registered” message. This is because you closed your Venmo account recently, and the payment gateway will take some time to process the request. 

Delete all your cache from the app to remove any traces of your previous account. Delete the cache from your computer, too, if you have logged into Venmo on it before. 

Give it a couple of days and try signing up again. You should not face any problems this time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Venmo Phone Number Already Registered

1. How to unregister Venmo phone number?

To unregister your Venmo phone number:

  • Sign in to your Venmo account. 
  • Select the Edit profile option beside your avatar. 
  • Scroll down to the phone number section. 
  • Remove the phone number. 
  • Replace it with another. 
  • Click on save. 

2. Can I make another account with the same Venmo phone number?

Venmo allows you to have two accounts but not with the same phone number. You can have a personal and business account but the phone number linked has to be different for each. 

3. Why does Venmo say my phone number is already in use?

If Venmo says your phone number is already in use, it’s because either you have already signed up with the number or someone else has. There could have been another owner of your phone number before you who used Venmo, which is why your number is registered. 

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered: Solution

You need to have your phone number registered to access all the necessary features of Venmo. An unlinked account comes with limitations, especially on the fund amount you can send and receive front. 

So, if you see a “Venmo phone number already registered” message, it’s better to try out these fixes instead of leaving it be. The Venmo support team is helpful, and if you run into any problem while fixing the issue, they can walk you through it. 

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