Are you yet to celebrate your 18th birthday but wish to use Venmo for shopping? In that case, asking the internet, do you have to be 18 to use Venmo is a common scene. Not just the teen in you, even parents seek the same query time and time again. Let’s face the answer once and for all.

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo?

Yes, being at least 18 years old is what Venmo has set the threshold to. However, you can use the share feature and let any teen use the platform and conclude his/her transactions. The mode of transaction uses debit cards. 

However, the tale doesn’t end here. Read all way through and learn everything about the Venmo age query.

Undoubtedly the most popular mobile payment platform, at least inside the US, Venmo is what we turn to every time we want to split the bills at a restaurant. Now, if you’re a teenager with a part-time job, Venmo would be useful for your transactions.

Some parents also want their kids to have cash both at hand physically and in their phones for safety reasons. So, a Venmo account is in order. But do you have to be 18 to use Venmo? 

How Does Venmo Work?

do you have to be 18 for using venmo

Venmo’s an all-rounder payment system. There’s the primary use of Venmo, where friends and family send and request money from each other. You can link your bank account, debit, or credit card for direct transfers. Venmo doesn’t charge you anything for these personal transactions. 

You can deposit money from your Venmo balance directly into your bank and vice versa. Venmo also issues credit and debit cards on request to customers. Customers get to dabble in cryptocurrency too. 

Small and huge stores also have their respective Venmo business profiles. Users can also purchase items from stores via Venmo that too with all the discounts and attractive coupon codes. 

Overall, it’s hard to find someone within the US who uses cash apps and doesn’t have Venmo on their phone. It’s the kind of handy app that everyone should have on their phone. 

Yet, Venmo does come with certain restrictions. One of them is related to the question of do you have to be 18 to use Venmo? 

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo?

Do You Have to Be 18 to use Venmo

Long story short, yes, you have to be 18 to use Venmo. Venmo has a couple of requirements in place for its users. If you don’t meet those, you can’t legally open a Venmo account. 

  • You have to be 18 years old to use Venmo. To be fair, you have to be a legal adult in whichever state you reside. Inside the US, this usually means 18 for almost all states, except 3. 
  • You have to be 21 if you live in Mississippi. For Alabama and Nebraska, you should be 19. 
  • You don’t have to be a United States citizen, but you have to be physically living inside the country. 
  • The version of Venmo you download should be over the 7.32.0 release. 
  • Your cell phone should have a US short code for sending and receiving texts. 
  • The number you use should not be linked to any other Venmo account. 

If you meet all these tiny requirements, you should be able to open and verify your Venmo account. 

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo: What Happens if a Minor Creates an Account?

While the answer to do you have to be 18 to use Venmo is a definite yes, it’s not unlikely for a minor to attempt creating an account. The signup process is easy and doesn’t require proof of age at that point. 

You do receive an email that asks you to verify your details within a timeframe. You have to send digital documents that prove your identity. You can’t do that without displaying your age, can you? 

Once Venmo is alerted:

  • They will freeze a minor’s account. 
  • If the minor has any funds in their Venmo balance, it would be lost forever. 
  • Venmo is strict with its basic requirements. There isn’t a scenario where they will let a minor or someone not living in the US have an account. 

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo: Why Can’t Minors Use Venmo?

Do You Have to Be 18 to use Venmo

Venmo not allowing minors on their app might appear to be an odd choice. The high school and recent college student’s life would be easier if they could perform cashless transactions. To you, it might seem unreasonable. Let’s see why Venmo might have this policy. 

  • The no under 18 rule is to protect minors. Scammers often run amok on online payment platforms. 
  • Imagine a scammer offers a concert ticket to a minor at a lower cost than what’s shown on Ticketmaster. A minor has a huge chance of falling for this scam and buying the tickets via Venmo. Only to find out the tickets belong to someone else and the scammer stole the details. 
  • There are plenty of tech-savvy, smart teenagers out there. It’s not possible for Venmo to vet them all. Statistically, adults have way lower a chance of falling for a scam, so that’s what Venmo sticks to. 
  • Minors aren’t overly conscious of their spending habits. Venmo believes a personal account could lead them to purchase unnecessary stuff. 

As such, it’s better if the answer to do you have to be 18 to use Venmo question stays yes. 

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo: Parent-Child Venmo Account

Perhaps you believe your minor to be more mature than others their age. You know them to be responsible, or you are hoping if you let them have a Venmo account, they will honor your trust. 

They could be leaving for college and it’s some weeks before they turn 18. You want them to have access to money wherever they want without having to carry hard cash. The answer to do you have to be 18 to use Venmo threw you for a loop. 

What can you do? 

  • Open a Venmo account. Download the app from Playstore or App store. 
  • Verify the account with your phone and email address. 
  • Then, verify your bank account. 
  • You can now link your child’s debit card. 
  • Give your child the email and password. 
  • They should be able to perform transactions using their debit card. 

As the account is linked to your phone number, you will receive a message seeking approval of the transaction every time they send money. You can keep track of your teen’s spending habits this way. 

It’s better if you discuss the amount they are allowed to spend monthly from the start. By working within limitations, they will learn to shoulder financial responsibility seriously. 

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo: Safety Measures to Follow

You could be the most vigilant person on earth and still fall victim to a scam. There are reports of adults facing scams on almost all mobile platforms. Venmo actually does a better job of protecting you than most. 

It’s only possible when you follow Venmo’s safety instructions, though. 

  • Venmo disabled the global social feed feature of Venmo last year. At least complete strangers won’t be able to see transactions now. 
  • The friend’s feed is still there. One can link their Facebook account to Venmo, and anyone on the friend’s list using the app would be able to see public transactions. 
  • The same applies to email. The contacts on your email address will appear as friends on the Venmo feed. 
  • Your friends might choose to share your information even if you don’t. 
  • Ask your child to make private transactions whenever possible. This is when only the receiver and sender will be aware of the transactions and each other’s phone or email number. 

The social nature of Venmo can make publicizing your transactions attractive, especially for teenagers. So, have a chat with them. Don’t just say they aren’t allowed to share their purchases. Explain to them why they aren’t the dangers that come with it. 

If you can, sit with them and discuss all the ways scammers can try to trick them. Show them scary cases of online scams. Your child is less likely to repeat those mistakes if they are informed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo?

1. Can you use Venmo under 18?

No, you can’t use Venmo under 18. Venmo verifies your age with your social security number, especially for big transactions. If they find out you are underage, they will suspend your account, and all funds in the account will be lost. 

2. Is there an app minor can use for transactions?

There are several apps that minors can use for transactions, though all of them require parental supervision. This includes:

  • Greenlight Card
  • Acorns
  • Step

3. Do you need to be 18 for Paypal?

Paypal has owned Venmo since 2012. As such, pretty much all transaction rules that apply to Venmo are valid for Paypal. However, Paypal isn’t limited to the US So, for countries where the majority age is lower, they can have a Paypal account before turning 18. 

Inside the US, you have to be the age of majority in your state and to live in the US to have a working Paypal account. 

Do You Have to Be 18 to Use Venmo: The Answer

Indeed, you have to be 18 to use Venmo. Or specifically, you have to be the age of majority in your respective state. If you are willing to share your account, though, your teen can use your Venmo for transactions with their debit card. Otherwise, it’s a matter of waiting a couple of years and letting them turn of age to open their first Venmo account. 

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