If you are looking up “How to cancel Zelle pending review?” it’s because you sent a wrong payment to someone. You might be hoping to be able to cancel the payment before they enroll with Zelle. No? Then you sent the payment to the right person, but you’re getting impatient with Zelle’s payment pending status. You want to try again after canceling the payment. 

No matter the reason, you will be able to cancel the payment after following our short guide. 

How to Cancel Zelle Pending Review?

To cancel a Zelle pending review, you’ll need to cancel the payment by obeying the following 5 steps:

  • Visit Zelle
  • Head over to the Activity tab. 
  • Scroll and find payment pending. 
  • Select the desired payment. 
  • Tap on the cancel option, and you’re done. 

Why Is Zelle Payment Pending? 

If you would rather know “How to cancel Zelle pending review?” head over to the next section. Knowing the reason for Zelle’s payment pending scenario will eventually help you devise a solution without canceling the payment. For that reason, I’d recommend reading on. 

Reason 1: Insufficient Balance in Your Account

The Zelle payment pending status flashing in your mobile banking app could be due to an insufficient balance. Suppose you didn’t notice, and the money you have in your bank account isn’t enough to send to the recipient. As a result, Zelle glitched and is showing payment pending for the time being. 

Zelle will cancel the entire transaction soon, and if any amount has been debited, you will receive it back immediately. 

A case of insufficient balance is especially possible if you are making a credit card payment. If you have gone over your limit, Zelle is unlikely to process the payment. 

Reason 2: Wrong User

How to Cancel Zelle Pending Review

The way sending money with Zelle works is that you send the money to an email address, username, or number. There have been too many cases where the wrong person got the money. 

Now, if it is a wrong user who has already done their Zelle enrollment, the amount will directly reach their bank account. You won’t see anything such as the Zelle pending review status and won’t have any option to cancel the payment. The only thing you can do is contact the Zelle user and hope they return your money. 

You could also ask your bank or Zelle’s customer support for help. 

If the payment went to the wrong user, but their Zelle enrollment isn’t complete, you have time. If the recipient receives a text from Zelle where an unknown person has sent them a payment, they are unlikely to go through with enrollment. The person will determine it is a scam and won’t click on the link in most scenarios. 

In the meantime, you could cancel the payment. 

Reason 3: Recipient Not Enrolled

You did send the money to the right person. However, they have not done their Zelle enrollment. If you want them to receive the money and enroll:

  • Ask the recipient if they received a text from Zelle on their US mobile number. 
  • If they have, instruct them to follow the link in the text. 
  • If their bank account is connected to Zelle, they can enroll via their bank. If not, they can download the Zelle app. 
  • They will need to give their email, phone number, some form of ID proof, and bank account details. 
  • Instead of following the text, the recipient could also enroll with Zelle from their website. 
  • Click on the Get Started menu. 
  • Find their bank account from the huge list. 
  • Click on the bank name and then follow the procedure. 

You could ask the recipient to hold off the enrollment if you think there have been some mistakes on your end. Maybe you sent too large or too small an amount. 

If the recipient does not enroll within 14 days since you sent the payment, Zelle will cancel the transaction. The money will be reserved automatically in your bank account. 

Of course, you can always cancel Zelle’s payment pending yourself. 

Reason 4: Suspicious Activity

How to Cancel Zelle Pending Review

Another rare but not impossible reason for Zelle’s pending review could be suspicious activities. If Zelle suspects some sort of foul play on your or the recipient’s profile, Zelle will pause the payment. 

Zelle could have reason to believe your account has been hacked. As such, they won’t trust any transactions you make from your account. They could also pause your account if they believe you are scamming others. If they find evidence of such, they will first pause your account. Then, they will suspend your account permanently. 

The same applies to the recipient’s account. If they believe someone hacked their account or the recipient is engaging in some kind of scam, Zelle will pause all transactions done through the payment service. Soon, their account will go through suspension. 

If so, your payment will never go through. 

This does not mean you can’t make regular transactions from your bank account through other mobile apps or cash a cheque at the bank. Only, your transactions won’t be supported on Zelle for the time being. 

To fix this kind of account freeze on Zelle, you can contact Zelle customer service. If the one responsible for the decision is your bank rather than Zelle, you want to contact your bank instead. 

If you show proof it is you who is making the transactions or the recipient is in control of their Zelle account, the transactions should go smooth once Zelle unfreezes the account. 

If the problem is mainly with the recipient’s account, it’s better to cancel the payment for the moment. Wait for Zelle to clear their account of suspicion, and then make your payment. 

Reason 5: They’re Not a US Citizen

Zelle works only within the US and with a US phone number. Typically, if you send money to a non-US resident, the payment cancellation will occur immediately. You will receive a text that will show a payment error from Zelle. 

On the off chance you manage to go through with the transaction, the payment will end up as pending. 

The recipient, despite receiving the text, won’t be able to enroll with Zelle as they are not in the US. They might not receive the text at all. The payment will stay in that limbo state until you cancel the transaction. 

At times, Zelle might return the payment without cancellation. 

As such, let’s find out how to cancel Zelle pending review. 

How to Cancel Zelle Pending Review?

Do you want to know how to cancel Zelle pending review? When you do, the recipient won’t get the payment. Instead, the money will return to your bank account. 

If the recipient is a Zelle user, you won’t have the option to cancel the payment. The transaction will occur within minutes, and you won’t be able to hit cancel within that time. 

However, if the recipient is not enrolled with Zelle, you have the option of canceling the payment before they enroll. 

Usually, if the recipient does not enroll within 14 days, the transaction is canceled on its own. However, it’s better to cancel the payment than wait for 2 weeks for a conclusion. 

How to cancel Zelle pending review:

  • Find the Activity tab. 
  • Depending on your bank’s mobile app, it would be inside Menu. 
  • If you are paying directly through Zelle, you will find the Activity tab directly at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Scroll through the payment and find the one where it shows payment pending
  • Select the payment
  • You will find various options, along with Cancel This Payment.
  • Tap on it. Your payment will be canceled. 

If you don’t see Canceled on the payment after and don’t receive the money within 1 to 5 business days, contact Zelle support. Their number is 844-428-8542. 

You can also get in contact with them via their form. They will respond back with an email within 2 days. If you are not happy with the email, you can request them to call you instead. 

If it’s not Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving, customer support representatives are available from 10 am to 10 pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to Cancel Zelle Pending Review

1. Why does my Zelle payment say pending review?

You are seeing the Zelle payment pending status because the recipient is not enrolled with Zelle. Once they enroll with their email or phone number, Zelle will deposit the payment in their bank account within 3 business days. 

2. How long does Zelle’s pending review take? 

Once the receiver enrolls with Zelle, it takes 3 days for the fintech company to deposit the money in their account. However, if they don’t enroll within 14 days, the payment is canceled. The money will be sent back to your account. 

3. How do I cancel a payment pending on Zelle Chase?

For Chase bank account Zelle users, to cancel a payment pending:

  • Go to the Activity page on the Chase bank app. 
  • Find the pending payment you want to cancel. 
  • You will find Cancel This Payment directly under it. 

You can only cancel the payment if the status is pending and not received. 

Wrapping Up: How to Cancel Zelle Pending Review

There you’ve it, the complete guide to cancelling Zelle Pending Review. A quick reading session, and you’ll have all your queries addressed.

Now you know how to cancel Zelle pending review. Hopefully, you are able to do so before your receiver enrolls with Zelle. If you think the Zelle payment pending status is inaccurate, contact customer support to get things in order. 

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