When it comes to keeping your media private and safe, Snapchat is the best social media platform out there. The pictures you send to people have a timer limit and disappear after being viewed.

While it wasn’t possible to view these snaps more than twice, Snapchat recently released a new feature that enables you to save them to your chat. But what if you want to keep it on your device as well?

When you save someone’s snap to the chat or your device through permissible means, Snapchat sends them a notification. But if you don’t want the other user to find out, there are a few third-party apps you may use instead.

To learn more about how to save a Snapchat video someone sent you, continue reading!

Steps Prior to Saving A Snapchat Video

You might think that to save a Snapchat video someone sent you, you straightaway need to follow any of the possible methods. However, there are a few things you should do before jumping straight to the process.

Get Permission from the User.

Whether you want to save the snap from another user on the chat or your device, you need to take their permission. This is because Snapchat is very strict about its users’ safety. So if you save someone’s video and offend them, they can easily report your account, resulting in undesirable consequences.

This step becomes essential when you want to save the content on your Android or iPhone. While doing so, you would be following methods not natively offered in the Snapchat application, due to which you can easily get in trouble.

Clear Storage In Your Device.

We all know that videos easily take up a lot of space on your phone. So before going ahead and saving Snapchat videos, make sure you have enough room. If not, you can delete unwanted media, clear cache files, and remove heavy applications from your device. You can also transfer your data either to an SD card or google or iCloud drive.

Ways to Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You

As mentioned earlier, you can save a Snapchat video someone sent you on your chat. But to save it to your camera roll, you have the option to either use the screen recorder or install third-party applications. Now, let’s take a look at them in detail.

1. Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent Directly.

When someone sends you a disappearing photo or video, you can save it in your chat with only a few taps. After that, you can save it to your phone’s gallery. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. To get started, launch the Snapchat application on your device.
  2. It will open up to the Snapchat camera. Tap on the Chat icon next to the shutter to open your chats.
  3. Snapchat app
  4. Now tap on the New Snap next to the user you’d like to save the video of.
  5. When the video starts to play, tap and hold the screen until a few options pop up from the bottom.
  6. Next, on the Save Snap option.
  7. save in chat option on snapchat
  8. This video will then be saved in your chat. Now, press and hold it until a few pop-up options appear on your screen.
  9. Finally, tap on Save to Camera Roll.

However, keep in mind that this method will notify the person that you’ve saved their video to your device.

2. Use the iOS Screen Recorder.

A method you may follow to save a Snapchat video someone sent you directly is to use the native screen recorder that comes in your iPhone. Some latest Android phones also offer this feature. But for most Android phones, you’ll need to download a third-party application.

Snapchat does not give permission to third-party tools. Therefore, using the iOS screen recording feature is completely safe to use if you want to save a Snapchat video someone sent you. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to do it:

  1. First, you’ll need to enable the feature. For that, go to Settings from your Home Screen.
  2. Then, scroll down and go to Control Center.
  3. control center in iPhone settings
  4. Next, tap on the + icon next to Screen Recording under More Controls to add it to the list of Included Controls.
  5. Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You
  6. Now, go back to Home Screen and launch the Snapchat application.
  7. Then, tap on the Chat icon.
  8. After that, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center.
  9. From there, tap on the Screen Recorder icon.
  10. screenrecording option in control center
  11. This will start the timer. When it reaches 1, tap on the New Snap next to the user you’d like to save the video of.
  12. Once done, either swipe up again from the bottom and tap on the Screen Recording icon or tap on the Status bar and choose Stop from the pop-up box.
Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You

This video will be saved to your Photos. However, Snapchat will notify the user of this action.

3. Record the Video From A Second Phone.

If you don’t want the other person to find out that you saved their Snapchat video, there are a few different methods. However, the easiest of them all is to use another phone to record the screen of the phone playing the video. This will save you some time and effort, although the quality will not be the very best.

4. Save Snapchat Video With QuickTime on Mac.

If you own a Mac, you can also save a Snapchat video someone sent you through the QuickTime Player. To follow this method, you’ll need a lightning cable as well to connect your iPhone with Mac. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. First, download the QuickTime Player on your Mac if you uninstalled it earlier.
  2. Next, take the lightning cable and use it to connect your iPhone with Mac.
  3. When the QuickTime Player is installed, launch the application.
  4. Now, click on File from the Menu bar and choose New Movie Recording. You may also press Option + Command + N from your keyboard as an alternative.
  5. file options in quicktime player
  6. Now, you need to choose the source for your recording. For that, click on the drop-down menu icon next to the recording button and select your iPhone.
  7. QuickTime will then display your iPhone’s screen. Launch the Snapchat app from your iPhone and go to the Chats tab.
  8. Start the recording from QuickTime before playing the video. When done, press the Stop button to end the recording too.
Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You

5. Use A Third-Party Plugin.

If you don’t own a Mac, nor do you want to connect your iPhone to another system just to save snaps, then this method is for you. You can install a third-party application like Snapbox or Casper. However, these apps are no longer available in the App Store or Google Play Store. Therefore, you’ll need to refer to a third-party source to install either of the two on your device.

Once installed, follow these steps to save a Snapchat video someone sent you:

  1. On the login page, enter your Snapchat credentials and hit Login.
  2. snapbox login window
  3. After that, all the snaps received by your account will be displayed on the screen. Simply choose one to open it and tap on the Export icon or Save icon to save it.
  4. Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You
  5. You can access the saved snap within the same application.

If you don’t want the sender to receive a notification, you can enable a feature in Snapbox settings. It will automatically save all snaps received to your device’s camera roll without requiring you to open it.

Remember that the use of these tools will put your account at risk of being deleted as Snapchat doesn’t support such third-party applications.

6. Use MirrorGo Android Recorder.

If none of the above-mentioned methods work for your Android phone, this method will do the job for you. The application can be installed on your Windows system and works similar to how the QuickTime Player works on Mac.

Below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. To begin, download the MirrorGo Android Recorder from the Wondershare official website.
  2. Next, install the software on your PC.
  3. Once the installation process is complete, sign in if you already have an account or create a new one.
  4. Now, ensure that USB Debugging is enabled on your phone and connect it to your computer with a USB cable. If not, enable the option through Developer Settings.
  5. usb debugging
  6. Then, open the Notification bar and tap on USB Options.
  7. From there, make sure you have not selected Charger Only and enable Media device (MTP).
  8. Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You
  9. Your phone will now mirror on the Windows system. Open Snapchat and go to the Chats screen.
  10. Start recording from MirrorGo and play the video you want to record.
  11. Stop the recording when you want and follow the mentioned file path to view the video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you save a Snapchat video someone else sent you?

Yes, it’s possible to save a Snapchat video that your friends send you. However, you must understand that saving their videos without permission is a direct violation of Snapchat’s terms and policy. Furthermore, sharing their content with someone else or on other platforms is considered copyright infringement.

How to download your own video from Snapchat?

If you’ve only recorded the video, tap on the Save icon > Memories & Camera Roll > Save. But if you want to save a video from Memories, open the video. Then, tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner or swipe up the screen. Select Export Snap > Download.

Wrap Up: How to Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to save a Snapchat video someone sent you. We’ve mentioned several ways you can do it, such as using a Screen Recorder, built-in or third-party apps, or simply saving it on your chats instead.

Depending on which method you’re using, Snapchat may or may not notify the user that you’ve recorded their video. If you have more questions related to the topic, head to the comment section below. We’ll be happy to provide you with further assistance.

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