Have been running worried due to the error message, ” We Are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase” hitting up your smartphone recently? Well, you don’t have to as the solutions are pretty simple.

Sounds too hard to believe? Why not read the following article and decide for yourself?

“We Are Temporarily Unable To Connect To Chase” What’s that all about?

The error message “ We are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” reflects a situation when a user fails to utilize Chase services. The same thing can happen due to all sorts of reasons that stretch from glitched servers to software-related bugs. In worst cases, the issue might carry something severe as well. Nevertheless, the good news is that coming out of trouble is pretty seamless and if you follow the right approach, tackling “We are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” won’t take much out of your time either.

What is Chase?

We Are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase app

Chase is among the largest banks in the United States of America with almost 5000 branches nationwide. It offers a wide range of services to its clientele, ranging from savings accounts to mortgages and loans. Like most other banks, Chase bank also allows its customers to avail services regarding stocks and investments etc.

Why is Being Unable to Connect to Chase Such an Important Issue? The answer is simple, users get restricted from making the full use of Chase App’s impressive features.

Chase App and its Features

The Chase App is a mobile application from Chase Bank that allows its customers to use its services digitally without any constraint of location and physical availability. Like any online banking application, the Chase app boasts a multitude of features; both those available in the bank’s branches, as well as some app-exclusive features. Let’s take a look at the features the Chase app provides its customers.


  • The app allows you to check your available balance.
  • You can take a look at transaction history of your account.
  • It’s possible to deposit checks directly to your Chase account from the app.
  • You can transfer money to other people via the app.
  • Aside from the simple money transfer feature, the app also allows you to schedule upcoming payments, which can be transferred automatically on the scheduled date.
  • Just like scheduled payments to other accounts, you can also schedule payments to your Chase credit card.
  • Transferring money to Chase users is very simple through the app, but you can transfer money to non-Chase accounts via wire using the Chase app.
  • The Chase app offers customized alerts for activity on your account so you can know whenever any transfer etc. has occurred.
  • The app also provides you with an ATM locator feature to locate Chase ATMs near your location at any given time. 

Why Am I Facing Problems Connecting to My Chase Account?

Unfortunately, being unable to connect to Chase has become a common occurrence; especially for the Chase app users. There are many reasons why you might be facing problems connecting to your Chase account, and they can vary from situation to situation. However, there are some commonly faced issues that you can try to rule out if you’re temporarily unable to connect to Chase. These problems might belong to the following categories:

1. Software Issues

cash app can't scan back of id

If you’re facing the problem “we are temporarily unable to connect to chase” on your Chase mobile app, the problem you might be facing could be due to some software issue in your mobile phone’s operating system (OS). These problems can occur in any operating system whether iOS, Android, Windows or any other OS. 

iOS Software Issues

If you’re an Apple user and facing the “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” issue, there might be a problem with a recent update of either the Chase app or the iOS on your iPhone or iPad. These issues often stem due to developer updates and turn out to be quite the nuisance.

Android Software Issues

If you are using an Android smartphone, the error “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” could be the result of an update in your Android OS version, or it might be the result of a Chase app update from the Google Play Store. 

2. Internet Connectivity Issues

venmo won't let me add bank account check your internet

Sometimes, the internet connection you are using can turn out to be the reason you’re getting the “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” error. This sort of error is mostly overlooked by users, and we keep on trying to figure out what’s wrong with our Chase app. It’s better to make sure that the error being received isn’t the result of any connectivity problems originating form your internet connection.

3. Heavy Traffic on the Website

If you’re using Chase on a browser, then the reason for you getting the “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” error could be due to unusually heavy traffic on the Chase website. This can occur when a large number of users log in to their Chase accounts online at the same time, and it could be responsible for you being temporarily unable to connect to Chase.

4. Chase Server Problems

If none of the above-mentioned categories contain the reason for you getting the error “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase”, then the reason for this error might be some problem with the Chase server.

During times of extraordinarily high traffic, it’s possible for users to face problems using the website. That’s because the servers of a website may be overloaded which can lead to the website crashing. This is not a common problem, so it’s more probable that the reason you’re temporarily unable to connect to Chase is not this one. 

How Do I Fix the Inability to Connect to Chase:

Depending on the exact nature of the problem you’re facing that resulted in the error “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase”, there are many different methods you can use to resolve this issue. However, it’s important to identify correctly the exact nature of the problem so that the best solution may be applied.

Some of the most common solutions to commonly faced connectivity issues are outlined below. You can identify the exact problem you’re facing in connecting to Chase, and use the corresponding solution to rid yourself of these problems.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Before getting started on a campaign to fix your Chase app’s issues, you should take a look at your internet module and see whether the connection is strong enough to connect to Chase. It’s possible that the problem you’re facing is not complicated, but a simple connection issue.

The easiest way to check the connection is to look at the Wi-Fi signal icon on your device. If the signal strength is low, this might be why you’re unable to connect to Chase. If the signal strength looks good, then you might want to follow the steps below:

  • Turn your Wi-Fi module off, or turn on the airplane mode if you’re using cellular data.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and restart the Wi-Fi or turn off the airplane mode.
  • Wait for the internet signals to come back online.
  • Fire up your browser and see if you can connect to Chase now.

2. Check Server Status

Another solution to the problem of “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” is to check the server status. Sometimes the load of visiting traffic gets too much for the websites’ servers to meet, which might result in the website temporarily going down. If you face difficulty in connecting to Chase, it might be prudent to take a look at the server status of the Chase website.

3. Check the Chase Twitter Handle for Maintenance Updates

Websites regularly need maintenance, which is usually performed  after a set time period. Such updates and maintenance routines may require the developers to take down the website for some time. As a rule, most high-traffic websites schedule and announce their routine maintenance schedule beforehand, so it would be a good option to visit the Chase Twitter handle and see whether there are any such updates available on that platform.

4. Update the App to the Latest Version

If you’re using the Chase app, the reason for you facing the error “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” might be an outdated version of the app. It would be a good idea to update the Chase app to it’s latest version whether you’re using Android, Windows or iOS. Simply follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Search for the Chase app in the search bar.
  • You’ll see two option, Uninstall, and Update.
  • Tap on the Update button.
  • Allow the app to update.
  • Open the app and see whether the error is solved or not.

5. Delete and Reinstall the Chase App

Sometimes, updating the app doesn’t do the trick, and you’re left with the same error as before. In these cases, it’s definitely a better option to delete the Chase app altogether and then install it again from the Play Store or App Store. This step might help you in fixing the “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” error you’re getting.

6. Delete Cookies

Cookies are user by almost every app and website. Mostly they are beneficial, but sometimes previously stored cookies might become a hindrance in trying to connect to your Chase account. The cookies, in these instances, keep trying to load the stored data which might not be compatible anymore due to updates. In such cases it can really help in solving the connection problem if you delete all cookies and cookie history.

To delete cookies you simply need to:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search for Cookies.
  • Select ‘Delete All Cookies‘ (or an analogous option)
  • Hit ‘Confirm Delete’.

7. Update Your OS

If you use Chase on your cell phone, a reason behind you receiving the error “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” could be an outdated OS (operating system) in your phone. This might be especially true if you have your software update mode selected as Manual Update. To make sure that your software is up to date, you’ll need to 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search for ‘Software Update/Updates‘ option.
  • If you see an option to update, use it. Otherwise, your phone is already updated and isn’t the reason behind the error.

8. Reset Your Mobile Device

Reset mobile and fix We Are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase

If you use the Chase app on a mobile device, and any of the above-mentioned ways do not help you in fixing your Chase app error, then you might be in a bit of a pickle. If all else fails, there’s another way to try to fix the Chase app error, and that is to reset your phone to factory settings.

Now, you won’t be loosing any of your data in this step if you’ve got a Cloud backup, which is a given in most modern smartphones. However, you can backup your data by other means if you don’t have access to Cloud backup. These options include transferring your data to a laptop or desktop, or you could use Google Drive for this purpose.

After resetting your phone, you can install the Chase app again, and see if the error remains. 

9. Try to Connect to Chase via Browser

If you’re facing continuous connectivity problems on your Chase app, it might help you to narrow down the exact problem by going to the Chase website using a browser. It’s possible that the error “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase” is just on the app. If you are able to connect to your Chase account using a browser, then the problem is not with Chase but stems from either the app or your phone’s software.

Frequently Asked Questions: We Are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase

1. Why can’t I connect to my Chase account?

A: There are different reasons for being unable to connect to your Chase account. Most of the issues stem from software issues or heavy website traffic.

2. Can I use Chase to send money to non-Chase users?

A: Yes, you can send money from Chase to non-Chase users via wire transfer.

Resolved: We Are Temporarily Unable to Connect to Chase

No doubt, crossing paths with the error message, “We are temporarily unable to connect to Chase,” isn’t a pleasant sight. But still, the fact that addressing the same isn’t that troubling takes a significant part of the pain away. If you’ve dedicated your time to reading this piece, I’m sure it is just a matter of a few minutes or hours before you’ll get back your Chase App to working conditions.

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