Are you wondering, “Can I have two Cash App cards on one account?” Let’s see. 

The Cash App card is useful for both online and offline transactions. The way you can get two different types of debit cards from a bank, wouldn’t it be great if you could get two cards from your Cash App account too?

Do Two Cash App Cards Work on One Account? 

No, a user can not have two Cash App cards on one Cash App account. Cash App issues the Cash App card directly to your account. If you apply for a new one, you will have to deactivate the previous card first. The one card limit is a security measure on Cash App’s part to prevent fraud. 

How to Get a Cash App Card?

When you apply for a Cash Card, you will also have to verify your account.  The verification process requires your email address, a US phone number, your Social Security Number, and your Zip code. 

Once Cash App verifies your identity, you can order the Cash Card. 

  • Open the Cash App.
  • The second option from the left would be the Cash Card tab. It has a card icon.
    Cash app cash card tab
  • Tap Get Free Cash Card button.
    Get free cash card
  • Tap Continue on the next screen.
  • The next steps will include Cash App asking for your personal details. 
  • Go through the Steps. 
  • You will have to give your Government approved ID and a selfie of yours at some point. 
  • Tap Done once you reach the end. 

It can take about 48 hours for you to pass the verification process. You will receive the Cash Card in the mail soon. 

How to Activate the Cash Card?

Unfortunately, the answer to “Can I have two Cash App cards on one account?” is a no. However, when you look at Cash App’s obvious security measures, it is easy to see why it is the case. 

Even after you receive the Cash Card, you have to activate it. This way, Cash App knows the rightful owner has received it. 

  • Launch the Cash App. 
  • Go to the Cash App tab. 
    Cash app cash card tab
  • You will see an image of your Cash Card. Tap it. 
  • Instead of the Get Free Cash Card option you saw previously, you will see Activate Cash Card
  • Cash App will ask for permission to use your back camera. Tap OK. 
  • Hold up your Cash Card document to the camera. 
  • Cash App will scan the QR code on it. 

If you don’t see a QR code:

  • Tap the Cash Card. 
  • Choose the image of the Cash Card. 
  • Select Activate Cash Card. 
  • Tap Use CVV. 
  • You will get a box to enter the Cash Card’s CVV and expiration date. 
  • Hit Continue after you’re done. 

Report a Lost or Stolen Cash Card

Can I have two Cash App cards on one account? No. Can you order a new one after the previous one is stolen or lost? Yes. 

You have to first report it to Cash App, though. 

  • Launch the Cash App. 
  • Open the Cash Card tab. 
  • Look for Cash Card Support. 
  • Choose the Report your Cash Card. 
  • From the menu, either tap Compromised or Card Missing or Card Stolen
  • Cash App will ask a couple of more important questions. 

Lastly, you will get a message Cash App has deactivated your Cash Card. You can apply for a new Cash Card afterward. 

Can You Have Two Cash Cards on Two Cash App Accounts? 

When you search for, “Can I have two Cash App cards on one account?” you will find a mix of advice and solutions. 

Some will straight up say no, you can’t have two Cash App cards on one account. Others will say you can have two Cash App cards for different accounts. 

Truth is, the second option is not viable either. While you can certainly have two Cash App accounts, you can only verify a single one. In the first place, you will have to use separate email addresses and phone numbers for two different Cash App accounts. 

You can’t open a new Cash App account otherwise. Only one of the accounts can be verified. The verification process needs your Social Security Number. A person can only have one true SSN. So, when you try to verify more than one Cash App account, it will show up as an error. 

Since you can not verify your second Cash App account, you do not qualify for a Cash Card either. 

What Is a Cash Card? What’s That All About?

Cash App issues a Visa debit card to users who apply as long as they have gone through the verification process. The debit card is the Cash Card. You can use the Cash Card to pay for goods and services in online and offline stores. 

The transaction occurs directly from your present Cash App balance. In the event you don’t have enough balance in your Cash App, the money is routed from any linked bank or credit card you have on the account. 

You can add your Cash Card to Google Pay or Apple pay and use the wallet to pay in-store or online too. Otherwise, you can use the Cash Card number and CVV to pay. You can request a physical version of the Cash App, which you can use to withdraw money from your Cash App balance in ATMs. 

There is a limit of $7000 on each Cash Card transaction. You can’t use more than $7000 in a day and no more than $15,000 in a month. This is the usual Cash App limit too. 

The Cash Card allows facilities such as blocking transactions from a merchant and getting cash backs on selected stores. You can temporarily lock your Cash Card in case of an emergency and report a stolen card so you can order a new one. 


1. Can you add another card to Cash App?

You can only add one card to Cash App at a time. It can be a debit card or credit card. The smart thing to do is add your bank account and another credit card. 

2. Can you use Cash App if you’re under 18?

Teenagers from the age of 13 to 18 can use Cash App. However, it can only be done under parental guidance and authorization. The underage person can even order a Cash Card. 

3. Can you add more than one phone number to your Cash App account?

Yes, you can add more than one US phone number to your Cash App account. You can add more phone numbers and email addresses by editing your Contact Info. You can then use these contact numbers to log in and do transactions on Cash App. They are also good for password recovery. 

Wrapping Up

It would have been good if the answer to, “Can I have two Cash App cards on one account?” was a yes. It is not the reality, though. However, the one Cash Card you have can be used anywhere in the world where a Visa is an acceptable payment method. As long as you keep your stock up, your Cash App balance. 

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