If you’re here, you’re one of the many troubled by the same problem. “Why can’t Cash App verify my identity?” You might even be wondering if there’s even a need to verify your identity if it’s so complicated. Let’s see why you should and how to fix this odd issue you’re facing. 

What’s the Need for Cash App Identity Verification?

One of the primary reasons Cash App requires you to verify your identity is to comply with the instructions from the US government. The government has this regulation for almost all digital payment platforms and those serving as digital banks. 

It’s to prevent any fraudulent activity from taking place. If a user is trying to transfer a large sum of money through these peer-to-peer platforms, it’s vital to confirm that it is the actual bank account owner. 

In general, transferring a large sum of money digitally can raise questions as to why the person couldn’t do a regular bank transfer. If the person is somehow under coercion or if they are the victim of some suspicious people. 

Verifying their identity on Cash App keeps the person accountable for their transfers.

As such, when you verify your identity, Cash App can also raise your transfer limit. 

Before verification:

  • You can only send $250 within 7 days. 
  • You can’t receive more than $1000 within 30 days. 

When you verify your Cash App account, your limit raises to:

  • $7500 can be sent per week from your account after verification. 
  • You can send about $17500 per month. 
  • There is no limit on the amount you can receive. 

If you try to send more than the amount limit before verification, Cash App will promptly redirect you to the verification page. 

Cash App might also request you to verify your identity if they feel there is something weird about your account. 

Attempting to sell Bitcoin, investing in stocks, or trying to order a Cash card will also lead Cash App to ask for identity verification. 

Why I’m Unable to Verify My Identity on the Cash App?

If you’re wondering, “Why can’t Cash App verify my identity?” it can, unfortunately, be for extremely simple reasons. 

  • You might not be 18 years old yet. Cash App definitely won’t verify you
  • You might not have a US number

However, the most common reason for this hitch in the identity process is the photo quality

When you verify your identity, Cash App requests a picture of your state-issued ID or driver’s license. Additionally, they want a picture of your face. 

If the quality of the picture is blurry, especially the one of your state ID, Cash App will face trouble verifying your claim. 

You have to remember. Often, it’s not a human perusing your identity but an AI. If it can’t scan the information you send properly, they are not going to trust it enough to present you with a verification badge. 

Do a thorough check of the information you have uploaded too. The name you used to open your Cash App account should be the same name on your date of birth and government-issued ID. 

Any phone number or email you have linked to the documents should also match the one you used for Cash App. Discrepancies in these areas might lead Cash App to place security flags on your account. 

Rest assured, if Cash App can’t verify your identity the first time, they will request you to send the documents they seem to have trouble verifying. 

How to Verify Identity on Cash App?

Now that the answer to “Why can’t Cash App verify my identity?” has been answered, you might want to go through the verification process first. 

There is no fixed section for you to go and verify your identity, but you can trigger the verification process by trying to request a Cash Card or selling a Bitcoin. 

Requesting a cash card

  • Open the Cash App. 
  • Tap on the Cash Card tab. It’s the second option from the left on the bottom of your screen. The icon is a card
Why Can't Cash App verify my identity
Why Can’t Cash App Verify My identity?
  • Select Get Free Cash Card.
    Get free cash app card
  • A page will appear asking for little more information. 
  • Select Continue. 
    little more info cash app
  • Follow the prompts you see on the page. 
  • Cash App might ask you a couple of questions, such as your employment status. Give the correct answers. 
  • Cash App will further ask for your Social Security Number. 
  • Next, they will ask you to click a picture of your driver’s license or some other government-approved ID. 
    Verify identity
  • You have to scan the front and back of the ID. 
  • Next, they might ask you to take a selfie. Do so and submit it. 
  • Click on Done

After submitting your details, the verification process can take about 48 hours.

Selling or Purchasing a Bitcoin

Similarly, you can trigger verification process via bitcoins as well.

  • Open the Cash App. 
  • Click on Bitcoin icon on right bottom corner of screen.
    Click on bitcoin cash app
  • Go to verify me identity section and click on “Get started”
    Verify identity get started cash app
  • Click on “continue” for next screen.
    little more info cash app
  • Next, they will ask you to click a picture of your driver’s license or some other government-approved ID. 
    Verify identity
  • You have to scan the front and back of the ID. 
  • Next, they might ask you to take a selfie. Do so and submit it. 
  • Click on Done.

Additionally, before you can request the Cash card or do identity verification by any other method, you want to get your bank account verified. 

  • Launch the Cash App. 
  • Go to the balance tab, which is the first option at the bottom of the page. 
  • Scroll down to Funds. 
  • Tap on Add a bank account. 
  • You can now enter your name, number, date of birth, account number, expiration date, and CVV. 
  • Cash App will verify your debit card almost immediately. 

You’re now eligible to request the Cash Card. 

How to Fix: Why can’t Cash App verify my identity

Since the reason, you’re facing a “Why can’t Cash App verify my identity?” situation stems from faulty document quality, sometimes, a good quality picture is all you need. 

1. Take Clear Pictures

When Cash App asks for permission to take a picture of your government ID, check your back camera.

Clean your back camera properly. The lenses could be smudged from your fingerprint. Use a clean piece of clothing to give your back camera a good rub. 

Next, you have to fix the lighting. This is true for both the document and your selfie. The area in which you take your picture should have adequate lighting. 

The documents should be crystal clear on the phone screen. Your face should also be in high definition. Generally, it is recommended your eyes should be visible in the picture. 

Once you take the picture, zoom into it. See if you can read each word on the document with ease, and there’s no obvious pixelation up close.

The same applies to your selfie. When you zoom in, your skin should not blur. This way, you know the Cash App AI can read the picture. 

2. Change Your Phone

Some people seem to have benefitted from this method. It is possible your current phone is not good enough for taking pictures. 

You might have an old phone where the camera functions have started to go bad. As a result, no matter how much lighting you have on the documents and how much you clear the lenses, the picture comes out blurred. 

Switching to another phone with a good camera can be your easy solution for Cash App verification. 

3. Reinstall Cash App

Sometimes, even the best pictures don’t seem to do the trick during identity verification. Lots of users claim uninstalling and reinstalling the Cash App proved to be a better solution. 

First, you can try simply clearing the cache. 

  • Hard press the App. 
  • Tap the info icon. 
  • Go to Storage
  • Tap Clear Cache. 
  • Next, clear Data
  • Exit the Settings. 
  • Reboot your phone. 
  • Launch the Cash App and try the verification process again. 

If this does not work:

  • Uninstall the Cash App. 
  • Give your phone a reboot, and then go to the Play Store or App. 
  • Install the Cash App again. 
  • Give the verification process another try. 

Do not down your Cash App credentials before you try to delete the cache or uninstall the app. 

4. Recheck the Details

You could be certain of the details, but it is never a bad idea to recheck them. You could be making small mistakes in your name or date of birth, and your eyes are glossing over it. 

5. Contact Cash support

If all the other method does not work, try contacting Cash App customer support. 

You can call 1 (800) 969-1940 or leave a message through the Cash App. 

  • Open the Cash App. 
  • Tap your profile icon. It will be on the upper right. 
  • Scroll down to Support
how to fix Can't Cash App verify my identity
  • You will see a list of options. 
  • Select Verification
  • Scroll down to Contact Support. 
  • Leave a message, and they should contact you within 24 hours bar for weekends or public holidays. 

6. Create a New Account

This would be the last resort. If even customer support can’t help you, try creating a new account. For this one, use a different US phone number and an email address. 

Give the verification one last try. 


1. How do I bypass Cash App identity verification?

There is no need to bypass the Cash App identity verification. If you don’t want to verify your identity, you have to simply accept you can’t send over the limit before verification or sell Bitcoins through the app. 

If you don’t want to verify your phone number or email address, you can use one of those spoofing apps to create a virtual number. However, this means when you need to verify for real, you will run into massive problems. 

2. Why does Cash App need my SSN?

Cash App does not need your SSN. They won’t ever ask for your full social security number. What they require of you is the last 4 digits for the verification process. 

3. How to keep my Cash App account safe?

To keep your Cash App account safe, don’t provide Pincode or SSN over the phone. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication to prevent strangers from logging in. 

Final Words: Why Can’t Cash App Verify My Identity?

Hopefully, one of the methods listed to fix a “Why can’t Cash App verify my identity?” situation works for you. Ideally, a clear, proper scan of the documents should be enough for the verification process to be a success. 

That explains, “Why Can’t Cash App verify my identity?” Let us know if you’ve got any queries heading forward.

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