So you got the error ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on Paypal.’ Yes, it is a common error message users get when connecting their bank account to PayPal. We also found many users complaining about this same issue. 

In short, it is not a serious issue and can easily be fixed. There can be various reasons for this error. Mostly this error is caused either because of the account issue or the bank issue. We have searched the internet, studied the PayPal user manuals, and searched in community forums. 

After much study, we have written this article aggregating all the possible reasons for this issue: ‘ Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal.’ Along with the possible reasons, we have also compiled some solutions that can help you resolve this issue in a short time and without any hassle. So please read ahead without leaving any topic so that you will understand the problem you are facing and also solve it.

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Why Am I Getting ‘Sorry We Can’t Link Your Bank Account Right Now On PayPal”?

Every user, when he/she opens an account in PayPal, goes through the same process. First, opening the account, verifying the identity, andconnecting a bank account or debit/credit card to load the money into the PayPal wallet.

This is a standard method; you must have done the same when opening your PayPal. But within the same process, many things can go wrong, such as invalid identity verification, wrong documents used while verifying, or even simply PayPal couldn’t verify you even after providing the correct documents from your side.

Let’s say you successfully verified your account. Even after that, your transactions with your family and friends need to be clear and not suspicious. Suspicious transactions such as transferring huge sums of money right after creating the account and doing transactions with an unverified account even though yours is verified place you in the suspicious category of the PayPal system.

Remember that most of the account restrictions are done by the system rather than the PayPal guys. But unfortunately, this also makes it possible for the system to incorrectly restrict you from doing transactions, bank account linking, or even operating your account.

In addition, your PayPal account can be alright, but your bank account may have a problem. And you end up having the ‘Sorry; we can’t link your Bank account Right now on PayPal’ error displayed to you when linking your bank account.

Therefore, there can be various reasons behind you getting the error message. We have listed some probable causes that can lead to PayPal not letting you connect your bank account. 

Possible Reasons For Bank Account Not Linking To PayPal

As stated already, there are mainly two possible categories of issues you are facing, resulting in you getting the error message ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal.’ 

  • PayPal Account-Related Issues
  • Bank Account-Related issues

So, what are the PayPal Account and Bank Account related issues? We have explained both of them in detail below.

PayPal Account-Related issues Causing ‘Sorry We can’t Link Your Bank Account Right Now On PayPal’

A PayPal account is the account handled by PayPal, guided by its user policy, where you can access the PayPal wallet and do peer-to-peer transactions on it. PayPal accounts are very strictly handled and taken care of. 

The PayPal system is designed to detect any suspicious activities done using PayPal, such as suspicious transactions, illegal usage, money laundering, etc. Whenever the PayPal system detects any of these things, it will promptly restrict you from doing certain actions on the system or even completely restricts your account.

1. Transferring/Receiving To/From Unverified Accounts

If you have just created a PayPal account and started to do huge transactions, the system may keep you in the suspicious category and restrict you from doing certain things on the account. So, first, check if you have done such huge transactions lately. If yes, you must keep it as possible that the system restricted you because of this same activity.

Another thing is if you have done transactions with unverified accounts. Although PayPal lets you use an unverified account, it limits how many transactions you can do with such accounts. So, ensure you have not done any transactions with an unverified account on PayPal.

2. Incorrect Verification Documents / Verification Not Done

Let’s say you have valid documents to prove your identity. Did you check if the documents are those that PayPal accepts? PayPal only accepts government-issued identity documents. If you have presented any privately issued documents, then that may have caused your account to get restricted and not connected with a bank account.

Even if you have submitted valid documents, there is still the possibility that PayPal couldn’t verify you. Either the scan you sent is blurred or expired. Also, if you sent a non-English document, there is a high chance that they couldn’t verify the document’s authenticity.

Bank Account Related Issues Causing ‘Sorry We can’t Link Your Bank Account Right Now On PayPal’

Besides your account-related issue, the huge probability also lies in the fault of your bank account or even your bank. As the banking system is old and slow, various reasons can prevent PayPal from connecting to your bank. Therefore, we have compiled some probable issues related to your Bank account.

1. Inactive Bank Account

Are you sure your bank account is active? If you haven’t used the bank account for more than six months, there is a high chance that the account is not functioning. In such a case, there is no way PayPal would let you connect to an inactive bank account.

2. Incompatible Bank With PayPal

Although most banks are compatible with PayPal, some banks are either too local or small for PayPal to let you connect it to your account. So it is always better to check with your bank first to see if they can be connected to PayPal.

3. The Bank Account Is Not From Your Registered Country

Ahh, yes, this is a possible scenario. For example, let’s say your PayPal is registered in one country and now reside in another. In this case, PayPal may not let you connect to your bank there in the new country. This happens to many users and can also be solved easily.

4. The Name Of The Bank Account Cannot Be Linked To More Than One Account At A Time.

You cannot link some bank accounts with more than one PayPal account at a time. This is mostly true when your bank account holds huge funds. The banks will not let PayPal connect to it because of security risks. So, first, check if your bank account holds a huge fund and if the connection is restricted from your bank’s side.

5. The Bank Account Has Been Linked With 3 PayPal Accounts Over Its Lifetime

PayPal also does not let bank accounts be linked to multiple accounts. If the bank account you are trying to link is already linked with 3 PayPal accounts in its lifetime, it will restrict the connection.

6. The Bank Account Is Already Active On The PayPal Account Which Has A Limitation Or A Balance Below Zero

If the bank account you are trying to connect is already connected to another PayPal account with a balance below zero or limited by PayPal, this may be the cause. If your bank account is in such a scenario, then it is best to first clear the issue with another account and try to resolve it.

7. You Can Add A Bank Account To Only Two PayPal Account At A Time Unless You Have Approved

PayPal only lets a bank account be connected to a maximum of two PayPal accounts at a time. If your bank account is connected to other accounts and the user has not approved to connect it to another account. In this case, PayPal will stop you from connecting to the bank account and display the message ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal.’

Point to remember: You can confirm the accounts from the banks and the credit unions. Unfortunately, some banks are not compatible with the Paypal account.

So, have you identified any possible reason for getting the error message of a PayPal account not being connected to a bank account? You probably have identified one or more things that may have led to PayPal rejecting your connection with the bank.

So, what now? Is there any solution to this issue? Fortunately, we have listed some solutions to help you solve these issues.

Solutions For Bank Account Not Linking To PayPal

Once you have a certain idea of what could have gone wrong with your PayPal and it displays the message ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal,’ you can apply the solutions below.

1. Do Not Receive Funds From Unverified PayPal Accounts

Never, do not ever receive funds from an unverified PayPal account. This makes your account vulnerable, and the system can flag your account. If you have already received such funds, you can ask the sender to verify their account and see if your problem is fixed. If not, you can contact PayPal support, who will help you solve the problem.

2. Verify Your Account With Correct Documents

If you have some issues with your verification, you must first verify your PayPal before connecting any bank account. If you want any assistance with PayPal verification and want to know which documents you need, then this page will help you.

3. Make Sure The Bank Account Is Active

Yes, it is the most important; just make sure your bank account is active and you can transact with it. Then, call your bank and ask them if the bank account is properly functioning so that you can connect it to your PayPal.

4. Make Sure The Bank Login Credentials Are Correct

You must provide the correct account information if you are connecting your bank account. If the credentials are incorrect, then PayPal will not let you connect to it. So, make sure you are using the correct information while connecting to your bank.

5. Remove The Bank From Every Other PayPal That It Is Linked To

Simply unlink your bank account from all other PayPal accounts. Once you unlink from all of them, you try it again in your account. If still, it is not connecting, then you need to contact PayPal support and let them know about the issue.

6. Contact The PayPal Support For Help

If non of the above solutions worked, then the best method is to contact PayPal support and talk to them about the issue. Once you register the complaint, they will reply to you with the actual reason and provide you with the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal’ are taken from the internet.

1. Do I Need To Link A Bank Account To PayPal To Receive Money?

You need not link a bank account to PayPal to receive money. This is because PayPal has its wallet, and you can receive and store the money. However, if you want to withdraw the money from PayPal, you must link a Bank account.

2. Should I Link My Debit Card Or Bank Account To PayPal?

The best answer is none. The reason being the number of scams on PayPal is outrageous, and there is a chance you can fall victim to it. In such as scenario, the scammer can withdraw all your money from your bank account or debit card if it is linked to PayPal.

3. Is Linking A Bank Account With PayPal Safe?

Not exactly. PayPal is prone to scams and fraud. In case you fall victim, the scammer will get hold of all your money. So, it is best not to connect your Bank account or debit cards to PayPal. Instead, the best solution would be to take the PayPal Cash Card and use the card to spend your PayPal fund. 


Therefore, the issue of ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal’ can be caused by various reasons. From your account issues to your bank issues, many factors may lead to your bank account not connecting with PayPal. However, you can also take some remedies and solutions to avoid or solve the issue.

Hope this article helped you understand your problem with ‘Sorry we can’t link your bank account right now on PayPal’ and probably solved it. You can always contact PayPal support for any help.

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