Considering Zelle’s penchant for enhancing the banking experience, you are curious, Does Varo work with Zelle? 

Does Varo work with Zelle?

Yes, you can use Varo with Zelle. You can’t enroll with Zelle from the website through Varo bank. However, you can link the Varo debit card to the Zelle mobile app. You can pay someone via Zelle and receive transfers from Zelle directly to your Varo bank. 

How to Add Varo Card to Zelle?

Normally, linking a bank and Zelle together would be to enroll with Zelle by connecting the bank on the Zelle website. 

The QuickPay with Zelle feature would be available after verification on your mobile banking app afterward. 

However, since Varo isn’t officially in business with Zelle at present, the answer to does Varo work with Zelle is somewhat of a workaround situation. 

Varo offers Varo credit and debit cards to their customers. The Varo debit card is compatible with the Zelle mobile app. Ultimately, you can use Zelle’s services, not through the Varo mobile app but through Zelle mobile app. 

Does Varo work with Zelle – Yes, and here’s how to set it up:

  • Download the Zelle app from Playstore or App store
  • Launch the app. 
  • If you have an account, you can sign in with your mobile number. 
  • Don’t have one? Tap on the Get Started button you see on the launch screen. 
  • Zelle will ask you to confirm if Zelle can send notifications. Tap Allow. 
  • Zelle will then ask for your permission to access your location. Again, choose Allow. 
  • Enter your mobile number and tap on continue. 
  • You will have to enter more details such as your name and social security number. Once these details are verified, you will get access to the main Zelle screen. 
  • On the top left, you will find the gear icon. Select it.
    Setting Icon Zelle
  • Tap on Account among the options. It’s the second option.
    Click account Zelle
  • If you already have a debit card linked to Zelle, you will see it listed at the top of the page. 
  • Tap on Switch Accounts, which will show up in a big purple button.
    Switch account Zelle
  • If you have no payment method listed, you will find an Add account option. 
  • Now, you will be redirected to the Add Debit Card page.
    Add debit card Zelle
  • You will have to enter your Varo Debit Card Number, first and last name, expiration date, and CVV
  • After entering these details, tap on Continue. 
  • Now, you have to enter your Address. This means your official address, apartment number, Zip code, city, and state. 
    Add address zelle
  • Select Continue once you have entered those details. 
  • Now, it’s time for Zelle to verify your details. Once everything matches up, you will see a big green tick mark indicating you are successful.  

Once you link the Varo card, you can now use the Send and Request button on the Zelle app’s main screen. 

When someone sends you money on Zelle on your registered number, it will go straight to your Varo bank account. 

Using your Varo funds, you can also send money to someone from the Zelle app. However, as you are using the Zelle app, you will have a limit of $500 on how much you can send in a week. 

Requirements for Linking Varo Card to Zelle

Now that you know the answer to the question “Does Varo work with Zelle App” here are the requirements for linking the Varo card to Zelle. These aren’t much different from the criteria you have to meet to have a Varo and Zelle account. 

You fulfill these requirements, and the answer to does Varo work with Zelle will be an easy yes. 

  • You should be registered for mobile banking on the Varo app. You can also open an account directly on their website. 
  • Either way, you should have a Varo bank account to get the contactless Varo debit card. 
  • The Varo debit card should be linked to an active Varo bank account. 
  • Don’t forget to activate your Varo debit card, either. Log in to the Varo app and look for Activate your card option under Settings. 
  • You should have an active email address. This email address should be the one you linked with the Varo account. 
  • You should also have a US phone number registered with Varo
  • Your billing address should also match up with your bank account details. 
  • It’s impossible to do any of the linking without the Zelle app on your phone. 

What is Varo Card? How to Get a Varo Card?

The Varo card is the Varo debit card issued by the Varo bank. There are two types of cards primarily provided by the bank. There is the Varo debit card, which you can get as soon as you create a Varo bank account. The Varo Belive credit card is available if you also get a Varo Belive account, which is a credit account. 

The Varo bank account is FDIC insured and doesn’t involve any credit card check. The minimum requirement is you’re 18 years old and a US citizen. 

The Varo debit card is a card without any international transaction fee. With the card, you don’t have to pay any fee at over 55000 Allpoint ATMs. You do have to pay $2.50 during cash withdrawal at non-Allpoint ATMs. 

If you lose the debit card, you can lock your card immediately from the Varo app. You can also request a new one after deactivating the previous card. 

As to getting the Varo card:

  • Open a Varo bank account on the Varo app or the Varo website
  • To open the account, you need to give your phone number and email address and create a password for the account. 
  • Add details such as full name, social security number, address, and social security number. 
  • Verify your identity in the next step.
  • Add a savings account if you want. 
  • Hit Apply after reviewing all the details. 
  • It takes about five minutes for your account to go live. 
  • Once it does, wait for Varo to mail you a physical Varo debit card. 
  • Open the Varo app or login into the Varo Money website after receiving the card.  
  • Select your Account in both situations. 
  • Choose Activate your card under Card Services on the app. 
  • Select Activate your card on the far upper right of the website. 
  • The last part is to set up a pin for the card. 
  • Call 1-877-377-8276 and do as prompted. 
  • You will be redirected to set your pin. 

Before you receive your physical debit card, you can set up a virtual Varo card. You will find the Early access to your card option popping up on the app when you open it. Confirm you want early access, and it’s done. 

If you click no for the time being and want to confirm later, you can do so by going through the options under Card Services. 


1. How to get a new card from Varo?

To get a replacement card from Varo, call the Varo customer support at 1-877-377-8276. Follow the steps to replace the card as prompted. They will send the new card to your home soon. Don’t forget to lock the lost or old Varo debit card. 

2. What money transfer works with Varo?

You can transfer money to other bank accounts as instant payment through the Varo app. However, Varo also works with almost all money transfer apps such as Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, etc. Since the Varo card isn’t a prepaid card and a proper debit card, it is compatible with almost all payment platforms. 

3. Is Varo a real bank?

No, while Varo operates like a real bank, it isn’t. There is no physical bank branch, and all transactions and savings are entirely digital. Though you deal with real money, you can withdraw from several ATMs. 

Bancorp Bank manages the actual accounts of Varo bank. 

Wrapping Up

As it turns out, the answer to does Varo work with Zelle is a yes, thanks to the Varo debit card. It’s unknown for the time being when Zelle would incorporate Varo into their list of affiliated financial institutions. When they do, you will be able to active QuickPay with Zelle inside the Varo mobile app. 

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