If you clicked on this article, you must be looking for the answer to “ Does Greenlight Work With Apple Pay”? Keep reading to find out.

The delightful thing about Apple Pay is that the wallet is compatible with almost all kinds of cards. It accepts buy now, pay later virtual cards and prepaid cards as easily as Visa and Mastercards. If you’re planning on getting a Greenlight card for your kid, you would want to know, “Does Greenlight work with Apple Pay?” We hope so!

Can You Use Greenlight With Apple Pay?

Yes, you can link the Greenlight Mastercard to Apple Pay. Your child does not have to carry the Greenlight card around and can use their iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for any in-store purchases with the Apple Wallet. 

How to Add Greenlight to your Child’s Apple Pay?

Your child can’t use Apple Pay unless they are 13 years of age. If they meet this age requirement, adding the Greenlight card to Apple Pay is a quick process.

 Once you establish a connection with Apple Pay, your child can use any of the devices connected on the iCloud to pay stores using the Greenlight card. 

  • Launch Apple Pay on your child’s iPhone
  • If you haven’t signed in, sign in on iCloud with your child’s credentials. 
  • Tap the plus symbol on the upper right. 
  • From the drop-down menu, tap Debit card
  • Here on, you can either give access to the phone camera. You can scan the Greenlight card with the iPhone to automatically enter the details. 
  • You can also enter the details such as card number and CVV manually. 
  • At one point, Apple might ask you to verify the card number by calling the Greenlight customer representatives. Apple will redirect you to their phone number. 
  • The call will take a minute at most. 

Once the verification is complete, the Greenlight card is now free to use with Apple Pay.

How to Use the Greenlight Card In-Store With Apple Pay? 

So as you now know the answer to Does Greenlight Work With Apple Pay is a ‘Yes’, you can go to the cashier and ask them for the NFC payment logo or Apple Pay logo. Teach your child how to do these basic steps:

  •  Double-tap the right button to open the Apple pay. 
  • You will see your default card. 
  • If your default card is Greenlight card, use it. Otherwise, tap the card to see a drop-down of other cards. 
  • Select Greenlight card. 
  • Take your phone close to the contact reader, specifically the top part. 
  • Hold it there until you see Done flash on your phone screen. 
  • A checkmark will swiftly follow. 

You can also pay with your Apple Watch. 

  • Double-tap the side button on the watch. 
  • Your default card appears. 
  • Scroll until you find the Greenlight card if it isn’t your default. 
  • Hold the display of the watch near the reader. 
  • You will feel a slight vibration on the Watch. 
  • A beep will follow, and then you should see Done on the Watch screen. 

How to Use the Greenlight Card In-Store or in Online Stores?

Does Greenlight work with Apple Pay? Yes. So does the Greenlight card almost anywhere. 

Your child can use the Greenlight card in places where a Mastercard is an acceptable form of payment. However, as it is for kids, there are safeguards in place. 

For example, lottery, online casinos, escort services, and brokers’ websites are places you can not use the Greenlight card, among many others. 

Otherwise, the card is accepted internationally in over 150 countries, and you can make payments in-store or virtually with the card. 

You can link the Greenlight card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to make in-store payments.

 You can also take the card to the store, give it to the cashier at checkout and enter the pin for the transaction to work out. 

However, we encourage using contactless payment forms such as Apple Pay because a child can easily lose sight of the actual card. 

For online payments:

  • Head over to any shopping website. 
  • Add items to the cart and go to checkout. 
  • During checkout, you will see options to add details of your Debit, Mastercard, or Credit card.
  • You will also see options to use your Wallet. 
  • If you want to make payment directly through the card, enter your card number, holder name,  expiration date, and CVV. 
  • Hit Buy. 

The money deducted on the Greenlight card during transactions comes directly from the balance in the Greenlight app. 

As a parent, you have the responsibility of stocking it with balance as and when required, provided you trust your child to use it wisely. 

What Is Greenlight? What’s That All About?

The Greenlight is a company for parents and their kids with an app and cards of the same name. There are packages with the starter at $4.99 every month with the option for 5 debit cards. The first month is free, and a parent can cancel when they please. 

In the Greenlight app, parents can manage the balance and monitor their child’s spending. Your child can set their own saving goals and even learn about stocks. You get to set the balance so your child can’t spend over what isn’t there. 

The upper-tier plans allow both child and parent to invest in stocks. There are exciting rewards and cash backs on saving. You can send money to your kids through the app, get notifications when the card is used, and set an automatic allowance. 

In the event the card is stolen, you can deactivate it through the app. You can also turn off the card if you feel your child has acted irresponsibly with the money. Though we believe it is better to explain why you’re placing a limit on their allowance and activate the card again when you feel they’re more mature. 

If your teenage child is working part-time, they can even receive a direct deposit from their employer on Greenlight. 

As such, the answer to “Does Greenlight work with Apple Pay?” is also a yes. 


1. Is Greenlight compatible with Venmo?

No, you can not use the Greenlight card with Venmo. It primarily works with Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

2. What bank owns Greenlight?

The Greenlight isn’t a bank by any means. It is a money-saving and stock trading platform. The Community Federal Savings Bank issues the Greenlight card. This means the debit cards and the deposits are managed by Community Federal Savings Bank. 

3. What do I need to sign up with Greenlight?

To sign up with Greenlight, you need:

  • A US phone number. 
  • An email address. 
  • Zip code. 
  • Your date of birth. 
  • Every participant’s legal name. 
  • Your SSN. 
  • A debit card to transfer money to the app. 

Wrapping Up

And so, “Does Greenlight work with Apple Pay?” Yes. Greenlight works with only Apple Pay and Google Pay wallet. You want to link the card with these wallets instead of letting your child carry the card everywhere. It is a much safer option, as you reduce the chance of someone stealing the card or your child losing it. 

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