Does Klarna accept Chime? Although the question is among those which are getting searched multiple times over the different regions in the US, sadly, the world of the internet has been lacking a detailed answer to it, but not anymore.

For those who’re in a hurry and just want to know if Klarna accepts Chime, the answer is no. However, the tale doesn’t end here. In case you’re willing to learn about Klarna, its working scenario with Chime, and other elements that somehow relate to the query we all have, I recommend dedicating at least a few minutes to this article.

Klarna: A Brief Overview

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Klarna is a Swedish company that operates majorly in the US alongside 15 other countries. The platform is basically one that provides, Buy Now Pay Later services to more than 90 million active users as of now. The Buy Now and Pay Now service is similar to how the PayPal Pay in 4 feature works.

So does Klarna accept Chime? We’ll break the answer in detail but before that, let us quickly brush up on how to get any card added to this platform. I know it might sound too basic for some readers out there, but trust me, many get confused over the process involved. If you don’t wish to, I recommend you skip to the section you’re after.

A user can add a card to a Klarna account in ways. Either they can employ the official app as the medium or choose to go with the web version.

Using the Klarna App

  • Step 1: Launch the Klarna app on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Use the dedicated credentials and get yourself logged in.
  • Step 3: From the home screen, look for the option that says ‘Payment methods’ and tap on it.
  • Step 4: Navigate to the ‘My Klarna’ settings panel.
  • Step 5: Finally, hit the ‘Add a card’ button or Add a bank account option and conclude the process.

Using the Klarna Web

  • Step 1: Launch any browser and visit the official Klarna website.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account using the credentials.
  • Step 3: Select the ‘Payment methods’ option.
  • Step 4: Choose ‘Add a card,’ ‘Add a bank account,’ and proceed.

Now that you know how to get started with the card linking process, it is time to look at its different aspects. To begin, let us check what cards does Klarna accepts.

What Cards Does Klarna Accept?

Klarna’s customer service page clearly mentions that they tend to accept all the major debit and credit cards. The list included the ones from Mastercard, AMEX, Visa, Discover, and more. However, it is worth noting down that the AMEX cards are not accepted by Klarna when you’re involved in creating a One-time card.

Moreover, Capital One also restricts the usage of their credit cards in Klarna purchases. In other words, you can’t use the Capital One credit cards to conclude Klarna purchases, similar to how you’re unable to deal with PayPal Pay in 4. Luckily though, the Capital One debit cards can be used for the same.

payments accepted by klarna

Mentioning PayPal Pay in 4, some users reportedly face issues related to it on a daily basis. Are you one of them? Well then, Favtechie is there to save your day. 

I’ve penned a dedicated article on this topic and discussed the reasons behind it. That’s not it; I’ve also researched and listed four probable fixes that can help see an end to the PayPal Pay in 4 not working issue for good; make sure you don’t miss out on it.

Enough of PayPal; let’s make our way back to Klarna. So as I was answering what cards does Klarna accepts, a query revolving around Prepaid cards is likely to cross user minds. 

Does Klarna Accept Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards are the ones that come with money loaded on it. Users can use it and buy things just like a usual debit card. Although it sounds similar to a debit card, the operational scenario is different. While the former comes pre-loaded, the latter is not. Sadly though, Klarna doesn’t accept those.

Yes, you read that read; as mentioned in the Klarna Support Page, the platform doesn’t accept prepaid cards to deal with transactions, no matter if you’ve prepaid cards from Venmo, Cash App, or anywhere else. However, the future is still indefinite, and you never know Klarna might start accepting those as well.

Chime: A Brief Overview

does klarna accept chime

With Chime, you’re looking at a platform that allows users to create savings and checking accounts. Additionally, the platform offers card-based services. The card offered is actually a debit card in alliance with the well-known brand Visa. 

Surprisingly Chime doesn’t make money charging for account creation; rather, it takes a portion of the transaction fee that Visa usually charges the merchants when any customer uses the card offered by Chime. Here are some features that list Chime as one of the most loved platforms all over the US.

  • Chime offers its customers to get their paychecks directly deposited two days earlier.
  • With Chime, users get two kinds of automatic saving features. The first one allows customers to round up the debit-card payments to any nearest dollar sending outlet, while the other tends to work automatically and directs a certain fraction of each paycheck to the concerned savings account.

But Does Klarna Accept Chime?

Sadly, the answer rests on the negative end, as per the current scenario. Klarna isn’t working or operating with Chime in any way. Even though the debit card from Chime is powered by Visa, the same is not accepted by Klarna. Although, you might still be able to use your Chime credit builder card with Klarna.

An attempt to use the Visa-powered Chime debit card with Klarna lands users on an error message. The message states, “Please use a different card; we don’t support your bank’s card yet. We are constantly working to increase coverage.”

Putting light on what Klarna intends to say by this error message, we can understand that Klarna isn’t compatible with Chime. For that very reason, they restrict the usage of the Chime card. The last line, however, acts as a relieving factor, and we can genuinely hope for the services to get live soon.

Why Does Klarna Doesn’t Accept Chime?

Honestly, the answer to why Klarna doesn’t accept Chime can be generalized until or unless we get a word from the officials. 

However, in reply to a query that a random user made on the App in November 2021, Klarna stated, “Unfortunately, we were forced to stop accepting Chime because of many denied payments. That, in turn, caused our customers to incur fees and, in some instances, led to collections accounts.”

It is pretty much clear that Klarna has decided to stop accepting the Chime Card temporarily because of the payment decline issues.

Will Klarna Accept Chime in the Future?

Although giving a take on the future happenings doesn’t really work, considering the nature of errors users encounter, the restriction seems to be a temporary one. 

Also, the Klarna website doesn’t specifically mention declining Chime cards. So, we can expect the situation to be in favor of Chime users in the future.

Does Klarna Accept Chime Credit Cards?

Interestingly, there have been reports for the Chime credit card builder to work with Klarna. As per the Reddit posts alongside the ones on Twitter, users can avail the Klarna feature with Chime credit card builder, but there are other users who stated the claims to be false.

Why not try employing the Chime credit card and check if it really works with Klarna. Here is how you can proceed:

  • Step 1: Launch Chime App on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Look for Settings and tap on it.
  • Step 3: Scroll and find the option that says “Credit Builder Card” and tap on it.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Try Credit Builder” button.

For being eligible to apply for the Chime Credit Builder, you need to have received a direct deposit of at least $200. It is the qualifying amount, and the time frame set for this is 365 days.

So does Klarna accept Chime? The answer is no. Klarna doesn’t accept Chime debit cards. However, many users claim that the credit card gets accepted for Klarna transactions, and to verify that, you can opt for one following the steps mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Klarna accept Chime?

No, Klarna doesn’t accept Chime. An attempt to add Chime cards lands users on an error message stating that the platform is incompatible with the bank account.

2. Does Klarna accept Chime credit cards?

According to a number of users, Klarna still works fine with the Chime credit card builder. Although there is no valid data for justifying the claims, you can always give it a try and check if it really works.

3. Is Chime considered a prepaid card?

No, a Chime card isn’t a prepaid card. The fact that Klarna doesn’t accept prepaid cards and it doesn’t support Chime as well makes users consider the Chime card as the prepaid ones. But in reality, the cards offered by Chime fall under the category of debit cards.

Wrapping Up: Does Klarna Accept Chime

Chime being recognized as one of the major banking services operational almost across the States. The Visa-powered debit and credit cards offered by Chime are also accepted everywhere. This often makes user wonder does Klarna accept Chime as well.

In this article, I’ve answered this query alongside providing other necessary information that relates to it one way or the other. Make sure to read all the way through and learn how things actually work. 

So does Klarna accept chime? No, it doesn’t

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