Are you curious to know what does Comments on this post have been limited mean on Instagram?

Recently, you may have seen multiple errors on Instagram not letting you comment or like posts as a measure to protect the community. Well, to add to that, a fairly new feature enables you to limit comments under specific posts. 

In case you were left wondering whether that means that the person has blocked you from adding comments under their posts, it would be a surprise to know that the truth is far beyond that.

While adding the “Comments on this post have been limited” on Instagram, the platform aimed to minimize cyberbullying through offensive comments, especially for public accounts.

To learn in detail what does Comments on this post have been limited mean on Instagram, how to add comments on posts that display this message, and more, this guide is all you need.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Does Comments on this post have been limited Mean on Instagram?

It’s quite disappointing to open the comment section of a post only to come across the message saying, “Comments on this post have been limited”. This means you’re prevented from adding comments under that specific post.

what does “Comments on this post have been limited” mean on Instagram

There are various reasons why the user may take this measure, such as restricting people from spamming, using hate speech or inappropriate language, harassing, and so on.

But what exactly does Comments on this post have been limited mean on Instagram? Well, to be direct, limiting comments can be done by choosing a particular audience that can use the comments section. It can be your followers, the people you follow, or the users who are part of your ‘Close Friends’ list only. 

If you want to add comments to such posts or view all the comments that have been previously added, continue reading!

How to Choose Who Can Comment on Your Posts

This option is only available to those who own public or business accounts. You can either allow comments from everyone the post reaches or people added to your account. The latter further divides into your followers, the people you follow, or both.

If you’re the user that wants to limit comments on Instagram posts, you’ll have to follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Start by launching the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Then, go to your profile from the tabs at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Now, tap on the hamburger menu icon located at the top-right corner and choose Settings.
  4. Next, go to Privacy.
Instagram privacy settings
  1. Once there, tap on Comments.
what does “Comments on this post have been limited” mean on Instagram
  1. From there, go to Allow Comments From.
Allow Comments From on Instagram
  1. Finally, choose the group of people that can comment on your post by simply tapping on it.
what does “Comments on this post have been limited” mean on Instagram

There are more custom settings you may utilize to either completely turn off your comments or block specific people from commenting.

View All Comments Under Posts With Limited Comments

Instagram may occasionally fail to load all comments under a post where only certain people are permitted to leave comments. This situation can occur when the owner of the post has deleted the comments. To fix it, you’ll need to refresh the page by pulling down your screen. 

Some users have also reported that not all comments were visible, although the number suggested something else. It may be because Instagram is only displaying the top comments, and you’ll need to tap on Load more comments to view them all.

There are several other factors that may prevent you from viewing all content under posts showing “Comments on this post have been limited”. These may include a poor internet connection, a glitch in the Instagram network system, and so on.

Why Can’t I Comment on Certain Instagram Posts?

If you’re trying to add a comment and Instagram isn’t letting you, there are several kinds of pop-up errors that may occur, i.e., “Comment Blocked” and “Comments on this post have been limited”, “Couldn’t post. Tap to retry”, etc.

Apart from account owners posing a restriction on who may or may not comment under their photos or videos, there can be numerous other reasons why Instagram may be blocking you from leaving a comment. Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail.

1. Instagram App Not Updated.

In Instagram’s official statement, the platform owners have clearly mentioned that the app must be updated to the latest availble update to work smoothly. So, if you’re unable to post a comment, this is your first go-to option.

2. Your Comment Includes More Than 5 Mentions.

In another Instagram policy, you cannot add more than five @ mentions in a single comment. Therefore, if you wish to tag more people under one post, try dividing them among multiple comments.

3. Your Comment Includes More Than 30 Tags.

Similarly, a single comment cannot include more than 30 hashtags. This is why you may see people adding tags through multiple comments under a single post. Hence, to avoid a comment block by Instagram, you must do the same.

4. Your Comment Includes Filtered Words.

Instagram has a list of words and phrases that violate the terms and guidelines. So, even if you unintentionally included one of these filtered words in your comment, your comment won’t be posted.

5. Spamming The Comment Section.

Instagram is highly aware of any spam activity on the site and immediately bans it whenever it detects it. So if you’re repeatedly posting the same comment either under the same or different posts, chances are they won’t get posted, and you’ll receive a comment block error.

6. Exceeding the Daily Comments Limit.

Another way to keep the platform free of spam and bots is to limit the daily and hourly limits of certain actions. For comments, Instagram doesn’t allow you to add more than 180-200 per day. Anytime you cross this limit, you’ll get the action blocked error, and the comment will fail to post.

Action blocked on Instagram

7. You’re Blocked by the Poster.

If you can’t comment only under a specific post, you’re probably restricted by its owner. This is quite a recent feature on Instagram where you can block certain people from leaving a comment under your post. Just to be sure, try commenting under other pictures and videos, and if you face no difficulty, the assumption is correct.

How to Comment on Posts That Don’t Allow You to

If you now understand what does Comments on this post have been limited mean on Instagram, it’s time to find a solution for this. Luckily, the way to get around this message is pretty simple. 

When a user limits the users that can add comments under their pictures and videos, they have four options to choose from; everyone, people you follow, your followers, and your followers that you follow.

If you come across such a post on your explore page and want to add your remarks under it, tap on the “Follow” button next to the post owner’s username. If the person has only allowed their followers to comment, you will now be able to do so as well.

what does “Comments on this post have been limited” mean on Instagram

However, if the limited audience includes the people they follow, there’s no other option left unless they follow you back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does “Comments on this post have been limited” mean on Instagram?

Instagram public and business accounts have the option to select people that can comment under their posts. Hence, whenever they utilize this function, those not included in the list see a message saying, “Comments on this post have been limited”.

To comment under such posts, you’ll need to follow that user’s account if they have selected their followers only.

How to prevent specific people from commenting on your Instagram posts?

Instagram allows you to block people you don’t want comments from under your pictures and videos. This creates a safer and more comfortable environment. To do so, go to the user’s profile, tap on the three-dots icon, choose “Restrict” from the pop-up options, and tap on “Dismiss”.

Alternatively, go to “Settings” and choose “Privacy”. Then, go to “Comments”, and tap on “Block Comments From” to add people to the list.

Can you hide Instagram comments from specific users?

This new feature came out a few years back and is very handy when you don’t want the person to know that they’re blocked from commenting. Simply go to the comment of the person, swipe right, and tap on the info icon. Then choose Restrict “X” from the pop-up options, and you’re good to go.

Can you turn off commenting for individual posts on Instagram?

On any social media, people are free to speak their minds. However, using this freedom negatively can affect the mental health of the person you’re talking about. For this reason, Instagram has allowed users to turn off comments for any post they like.

Simply open the post you’d like to turn off comments for and tap on the three-dots menu. Then, choose “Turn off commenting” from the pop-up menu.

Bottom Line:

The first thought that worries people when they don’t know what does Comments on this post have been limited mean on Instagram is that they have been blocked. However, it simply means that the person has limited their comments.

There could be several reasons why people may take this action, such as preventing spam, hateful speech, discriminatory remarks, harassment, and more.  But it can also block users that may want to add positive comments under your posts.

On this note, we end our guide. Hopefully, we were able to cover the topic What does “Comments on this post have been limited” mean on Instagram in detail. If you have more questions, you can scroll down to the comments section below. Lucky for you, we’ve not limited comments under this guide.

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