Are you here wondering, “ Can I use Quadpay on Venmo?” Get ready because in this article we are going to answer them.

Now rebranding as Zip, Quadpay is a buy-now-pay-later platform. This opens the door to possibilities, especially if you’re a self-described shopaholic. You have the “Can I use Quadpay on Venmo?” question if you’ve been considering using Zip’s services. 

Let’s see!

Is It Possible to Use Quadpay on Venmo?

No, you can’t use Quadpay on Venmo. You can primarily make payments with Quadpay directly through their official app via debit cards, credit cards, or Apple Pay. Otherwise, you can use the Quadpay virtual card to make purchases from a merchant’s official website. You can’t link the virtual card to Venmo, so there is no way for the two payment platforms to work with each other. 

What’s Quadpay All About? 

Quadpay or Zip is a payment platform that allows you to purchase items from merchants first and pay for them later. Quadpay makes the entire purchase to the client, and you have to pay back the platform instead. The payment is split over 6 weeks into 4 installments, with the first installment done at purchase. 

Once you have linked your debit or credit card on the Quadpay app, you can make online and in-store payments. Any store that accepts Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express will accept Quadpay. You can also pay the subsequent installments through Apple Pay, though you can’t make the initial payment. 

How Does QuadPay work?

As we have established, the answer to Can I use Quadpay on Venmo is a no, and how it is a BNPL platform, it’s understandable if you’re curious exactly how it works. 

For one, let’s understand the eligibility criteria:

  • You have to be 18 years old or of age in your state. 
  • You have to live in the US.
  • You should have a valid US mobile number. 
  • You should have a US debit or credit card you can link to on the app. 

Quadpay, itself doesn’t have a minimum purchase amount. However, depending on the merchant you’re buying from, you might have to follow their minimum limit. 

For maximum purchase, Quadpay or Zip does set a spending limit at the time of your application. If your purchase is over the limit, Quadpay will deny the transaction. 

Zip also rewards you with a balance you can initially use to make your payments. The overall spending limit usually ranges from $350 to $1,000. Since 6 months from when you first used the app to make a purchase, you can send an application to increase your limit to $1,500.  Some trusted accounts can even raise it to $2000. 

You also have to pay Quadpay $40 at a minimum monthly to repay the balance.  Overall, Zip is an interest-free program. You don’t have to pay anything more than the amount the merchant charges for the purchase. 

However, this doesn’t mean Quadpay doesn’t charge anything extra from you. For every installment payment you make, Quadpay has a fee of $1. This means you’re paying an additional $4 for every purchase. 

Quadpay will increase the fee to $5, $7, etc., on the particular installment if you are late on your installment. The increased fee depends on the law of your state. 

There is also a monthly fee of $6 you have to pay for keeping your Quadpay account. However, you will only have to pay this one if you have an outstanding balance by month-end. 

If you make international purchases, you will have to pay another additional $1. 

In reality, late installment payment should not occur with Quadpay since the app sets automatic payment. As long as your credit card or debit card has the installment amount, the payment should go through on time every two weeks. 

We recommend you add a backup card for extra safety measures so if the initial card defaults, the second option can make payment on your behalf. 

Currently, over 22,000 stores accept Quadpay, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Apple. 

For online payments via Quadpay, you have to look for a retailer on the app. Once you do your regular shopping, use the “Pay with Zip” option at checkout. You will get a virtual card to process the payment. You will also receive details on the weekly installments. Once you agree to the terms, payment will be completed. 

For in-store payments:

  • Open the Zip app. 
  • Tap on the In Store button. It will be over your balance. 
Can I use Quadpay on Venmo?
  • Request an amount that covers the item amount and additional fees and taxes. 
  • Tap confirm on the estimated installment amount shown. 
  • You will receive a virtual card number from Quadpay. 
  • Relay the information to the in-store clerk, and they will process the payment for you. 

The only major issue with the platform is that you can’t delete your Quadpay account easily. You have to visit their help desk, submit a request and explain why you want to delete your Quadpay account. 

You will have to wait additional 7 days before Quadpay approves your request. Quadpay might not accept the request if you have some installments pending, so sort those out first. 

Alternatively, you also send an email to [email protected] to delete your account. 

Is There Any Way to Use QuadPay on Venmo?

Even now, you might be still holding on to the hope that your answer to, “Can I use Quadpay on Venmo?” in some way can be a yes. 

The answer is a strict no.  

Quadpay has directly listed Venmo as one of the payment platforms they don’t work with at present. Repaid cards, Paypal, direct debit, and money orders aren’t in tandem with Quadpay either. 

However, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. Fintech giants have constantly been evolving. If people can make crypto payments these days, who is to say Quadapy (Zip) won’t work with Venmo in the future. 

After all, the companies are all trying to profit in whatever way they can. We don’t have a set a date for when it could happen. You could get the news next month or in two years. 


1. Does Quadpay affect your credit score?

Quadpay does not affect your credit score, positive or negative. However, if your late payment continues for a long time, the company might send your unpaid amount to the collection, which is what can have a bad effect on your score. 

2. Can I return an item after purchasing it via Quadpay?

For returns, you have to contact the retailer directly. If they agree, they will return the amount to Quadpay, and Zip will cancel the future installments. 

Zip will return the refunded amount to your balance. 

3. How to increase the credit limit on Quadpay?

To increase credit limit:

  • Open the Zip app
  • Tap on your profile icon. 
  • Scroll until you find Manage Zip Money. 
  • Search for the Credit limit under it. 
  • Tap it, and you will get the form to request an increase in the credit limit. 

Wrapping Up Can I use Quadpay on Venmo

And so, the answer to “Can I use Quadpay on Venmo?” is a no. However, with how Quadpay is set up, you don’t need to use it with another payment platform anyway. Any buy-now-pay-later purchase you want to make, you can do directly from the Zip app. 

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