If you’re an online shopper, you probably had the question “How to use Sezzle on Amazon.” Don’t worry as in this article we are going to answer that.

Are you a frequent shopper on Amazon? Most probably, you are. It is very easy and hassle-free to shop on Amazon wherever you are. Amazon accepts different payment methods you can use to pay for your purchases. However, sometimes you do not have enough money to pay for the purchase you want to make. What if I tell you there are services like Sezzle that help you pay for those purchases. So, what is Sezzle, and how to use Sezzle on Amazon?

Sezzle is a financial service you can use for Buy Now Pay Later. Sezzle has partnered with many companies to allow its users to pay later for the items they buy today. Unfortunately, however, Amazon does not accept Sezzle. Yes, that’s a disappointment. But what if I told you there is a service Sezzle offers that you can use on Amazon to work around this problem.

Also, there are other ways you can use to achieve the same goal of paying later for the current purchases. So let’s head right into the question ‘How to use Sezzle on Amazon?’ and get some solutions so that you can buy that thing fast.

How To Use Sezzle On Amazon?

Sezzle has two types of accounts, Standard accounts and Premium Accounts. The standard account can give you access to many brands where you can use the App as a payment method. On the other hand, Sezzle premium gives you access to more brands and also lets you order a Sezzle Virtual Card that you can use to pay for the items you purchase.

In Amazon, you cannot use the Sezzle accounts as a payment method. However, you can use the Sezzle virtual card to pay. So, if you want to purchase something on Amazon using Sezzle, upgrade your Sezzle account to Premium, get the Virtual card, and use it to pay for the items.

You can use other solutions for the purchase and pay later on Amazon besides Sezzle. 

For example, in various countries, Amazon offers the Buy Now Pay Later option for many of its users. You need to first check if it is available in your country or not. For example, in India, Amazon offers BNPL for its customers called Amazon Pay Later. If you are in India, then you may qualify for this service. Amazon has its monthly payment option that you can use for certain products if you are eligible in the US.

Sezzle partners with several brands and stores through which the customers can purchase products and use Sezzle for payments. In amazon, various brands have partnered with Sezzle and sell directly through their websites. For this, you need to first find out if the brand is partnered with Sezzle and if yes, you can directly buy from them using a standard Sezzle account from their website.

Besides Sezzle, other platforms also offer such services, which you can use in place of Sezzle. GoCardless, PayPal Credit, Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, ViaBill, Splitit, FuturePay, etc., are examples. You can sign up for these services and use them on Amazon.

So, we have listed some solutions on how to use Sezzle on Amazon:

  1. Use Sezzle Virtual Card On Amazon
  2. Purchase From The Brand Directly Using Sezzle
  3. Use Amazon Monthly Payment Option
  4. Use Other BNPL Services On Amazon

Use Sezzle Virtual Card On Amazon

Although you cannot use a Sezzle account to purchase directly from Amazon, you can now use Sezzle virtual Cards to shop at Amazon. You need to be a Sezzle premium user with a Sezzle virtual card to use Sezzle on Amazon.

Follow the steps below to obtain a Sezzle Virtual Card to use on Amazon.

Step 1: Open Sezzle Website and click on ‘Shopper Sign-up.’

Step 2: Input your Name, Address, and password To create a Sezzle account.

Step 3: Go To Accounts and Click on Payment Methods.

You can connect your bank account here, or you can do it while setting up the Sezzle premium account ahead.

Step 4: Click On Join Now button for Sezzle Up on the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 5: Click How To Join

Step 6: Now, click on the button ‘Link your checking account and set it as primary.’

Step 7: Click Link Instantly to link your bank account fast.

Step 8: Now, a dialogue box will open for connecting the bank account using Plaid. Click Continue.

Step 9: Choose your bank and provide your bank credentials. It will send a verification code to your phone, and you need to input it on the screen. 

After this, your bank is connected to your Sezzle Premium account, you need to set up your purchase preferences and provide your SSN. For new accounts, Sezzle may not let you purchase more than one item before paying it off. The virtual card will show up on the bottom-left part of the home screen.

Now you can use this virtual cad on Amazon. You can also check your spending limit by clicking the ‘Check Spending power.’

Purchase From The Brand Directly Using Sezzle

Besides using the Sezzle virtual cards, you can also purchase directly from brands. Although this depends on if Sezzle has partnered with the brand you are trying to purchase from. 

You can check the list of the Sezzle partner brand from here. Once you are sure your brand is on the list, you can simply visit their website and order your product from there.

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After placing your order on the brand’s website, choose Sezzle as the payment method on the checkout page. It will then open Sezzle and asks you to log in. Once the log-in is complete, Amazon will confirm your order, and the purchase will be made. Here’s the unofficial method on how to use Sezzle on Amazon easily.

Use Amazon Monthly Payment/BNPL Option

Amazon also lets its long-time users avail of its service called ‘Amazon Monthly Payment Plan.’ Although this service is only given to selected customers and products, you may never know. 

You can check if the product you want to purchase is eligible for Monthly payments or not on the product page. Once you are sure the product is eligible, you can select the monthly payment on the checkout page. If your Amazon account is eligible, the App will successfully direct you to a page to configure your payment plan. Once you have configured the Payment plan, you can place the order. This way, you can use Amazon Monthly Payments instead of knowing how to use Sezzle on Amazon.

Recently, Amazon partnered with Affirm to let its users pay on the BNPL scheme. So now, US customers can use Affirm to pay for Amazon products. Although this service needs a soft credit check on the user before you will become eligible for it.

Although the answer to the question of how to use Sezzle on Amazon is “No”, there might be a better option for Indian shoppers. it f you are in India, you can use the Amazon Pay Later option, which is more accommodating and available for more customers within India.

Use Other BNPL Services On Amazon

There are also other BNPL services that you can use on Amazon. For example, Amazon partnered with Affirm to provide BNPL services in select markets. You can use Affirm to avail this service on Amazon even if you cannot figure out How to use Sezzle on Amazon officially.

Also, other BNPL services can be used, like Sezzle, to purchase products from Amazon.

Sezzle: A Brief Overview

Buy Now Pay Later, also known as the BNPL scheme, is a new wave in the retail market. Several companies like Apple, Walmart, and Target are using this scheme to lure customers to their stores, i.e., Online or Offline.

In BNPL, several players mediate between the retail giants and the customers, enabling them to pay for the purchase in installments without interest. This helps both the retail market and customers create demand and pay for the purchases. 

Sezzle is one of the major players in this BNPL financial sector. It lets users create accounts with it Sezzle and authenticate them. First, users must add their KYC information and be eligible for the service. Then they can use the account to pay for the purchases on several stores partnered with Sezzle.

You can make the payments in installments, and the more successful payments a user has, the credit limit increases. On top of the standard account, Sezzle offers a premium account, where users can subscribe and set up a virtual card. The premium account also gives the user access to more stores not available to Standard accounts. The virtual cards obtained from Sezzle act like any other card and can be used in many stores online.

BNPL services are a hot topic in the retail market nowadays. As more and more companies are hopping on the bandwagon, there is a high chance that there is some BNPL service that you can use in your area too. Besides, Amazon is likely to expand its BNPL offer worldwide as it has already launched the Amazon Pay Later service in India.

US customers can also use Affirm to pay for their purchases on Amazon now. Affirm is also like Sezzle and offers a variety of other stores to purchase from. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why Can’t I Use My Sezzle Virtual Card?

The primary reason you cannot use your Sezzle virtual card can be the non-availability of funds. Sezzle requires you to pay out the previous five purchases before initiating the sixth one. So, go to your Sezzle App and check if you have any pending payments left. Clear the payment, and your card should work.

2. How Do I Use Sezzle In Target Stores?

You can simply activate your Sezzle virtual card and connect it to Apple Pay or Google Pay. After connecting, you can simply choose your phone as the payment option and pay using Google Pay or Apple pay.

3. What Cards Can You Use With Sezzle?

You can use any cards on Sezzle. However, you must first connect your bank account before connecting any other card. After that, you can pay the installments using another debit, prepaid, or credit card.


There is no solution on how to use Sezzle on Amazon officially just yet, but we’ve explained a workaround above. All you need to be a premium user and activate your Sezzle virtual card.

You can use this card to pay for your purchases on Amazon. Amazon, however, also accepts Affirm as the payment option in some countries. You can also use the Amazon monthly payment instead of Sezzle if you are eligible for it.

Amazon also offers its BNPL scheme in some countries. You can simply find out if it is available in your country or not. If yes, you can sign-up for the service and avail it on the checkout screen of Amazon. However, there can be certain limitations if you pay by the BNPL option.

Hope we answered your question and solved your problem.

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