Despite being one of the largest social media platforms, the information on Facebook’s protocol is fairly low. People can come to conclusions based on frequent technical events on Facebook, but we have few official statements from the company – now Meta- on any issue. 

So, when you have a “Someone disappeared from my blocked list on Facebook” situation, it’s normal to be curious. Let’s answer all your questions about Facebook’s blocking system today. 

Why Did Someone Disappear From My Blocked List on Facebook? 

Someone disappeared from your blocked list on Facebook because the person deleted their Facebook account. Since they deactivated their account, Facebook has wiped out any proof of the person ever having an account altogether, including their existence in your blocked list. 

How to Know Why Someone Disappeared From Your Blocked List on Facebook? 

There could be two reasons why you have a “someone disappeared from my blocked list on Facebook” situation. 

1. The Person Deactivated

The most probable option is that the person deactivated their account. If the person deleted their account, they could create a new account and try to contact you again. 

If it’s someone you faced harassment from in the past, you should be careful about answering unknown messages on the platform. 

2. You Removed Them From the Blocked List

The second option is that you removed the person from your blocked list. Maybe you were curious about how they were doing, so you decided to unblock them temporarily. 

Is it possible you forgot to block them again after checking their profile? 

Do a quick Facebook search, and if the person’s profile shows up, you have your answer. 

How to See Your Blocked List on Facebook?

The constant changes to Facebook’s layout can make the simplest of tasks complicated. 

Before, finding your blocked list barely took two steps. Nothing like the frustration we feel trying to locate our friend request list even. 

To see the blocked list on your desktop:

  • Open Facebook
  • Click on your profile picture on the right upper corner of the page.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Settings & privacy. 
  • Click on Settings from the next set of options. 
  • You will be taken to General settings. 
  • Scroll down and select Blocking from the options on the left. 
  • From the options, click on Edit beside Block users. 
  • Click on See your blocked list. 
  • A list of every person you have ever blocked will appear. 

To see your blocked list from your phone:

  • Launch Facebook
  • Tap on the three lines on the upper right corner
  • Scroll down and tap on Settings & privacy. 
  • Tap Settings from the menu that appears. 
  • Scroll down until you reach the Audience and visibility. 
  • Tap on Blocking under it. 
  • You can now check the list of people you have blocked on the app. 

Would a person know if you block them on Facebook? 


A person can figure out if someone has blocked them on Facebook if they attempt to check your profile. 

If you block them, your name won’t appear among the searches no matter how many times they try. 

It is even easier if you have shared messages with the person on messenger before. All they have to do is open your messages with them. 

  • Tap on the info icon next to your name. 
  • An overview of the person’s details will open up inside the messenger. 
  • They have to tap on the Profile option under your name. 
  • If your details show up when they tap on Profile, they know they aren’t blocked. 
  • If they can not read your details and get an error message instead, it means you have blocked them. 

Alternatively, the person could try and message you directly on messenger. 

When they send a message, if they receive, “This person isn’t available at the moment,” then they have to consider two possibilities. 

Either you blocked them, or you have taken down your Facebook profile. 

It is easy to check if you have deactivated. All the person has to do is ask a friend to check your profile and confirm it is still there. 

So, if you have a “Someone disappeared from my blocked list on Facebook,” know that the person is aware you have blocked them since before. 

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

You know, if someone blocked you on Facebook the same way the other person knows when you block them. 

You can search for their profile and see if they show up or try messaging them through the messenger app. 

Can You Block Someone Who Blocked You on Facebook? 

No, you can’t block a person who has already blocked you. 

Once you are blocked, Facebook ensures you have no way of entering their profile. The option to block a person is only available when you can check a person’s profile. 

Why Did Someone Block You and Then Unblock You? 

The most likely reason is that the person did not want to be friends with you on Facebook. 

They don’t want you to see their activities on Facebook. However, they do not hate you or have strong negative emotions toward you. 

They are hoping by blocking and unblocking you, they have successfully removed themselves from your sphere. 

Alternatively, they might have unblocked you to sneakily check on how you were doing. Ultimately, they forgot to block you again. 

If you hold a grudge, this might be a good time to block them before they get around to blocking you again. 

Can Facebook Block Expire?


Once you block someone on Facebook, it is a forever decision. 

Unless you unblock them, they will remain blocked for the foreseeable future. 


1. Is it better to unfriend or block? 

If you unfriend someone, you will still be able to see each other’s posts and likes. The other person will become aware you have unfriended them and might question you about it. 

Blocking someone will prevent any kind of interaction or knowledge of the other person’s activities. The blocked person is likely to remain unaware until they try to find your profile. 

Blocking them might be better if you want to avoid confrontation. 

2. How do I block someone? 

To block a person:

  • Go to the person’s profile. 
  • Tap on the three dots under their profile name.
  •  You will get a list of options. You should choose Block from the list. 

Facebook will ask you to confirm one last time. Simply tap Block, and you are done. 

3. How to report someone on Facebook? 

To report someone on Facebook:

  • You have to open their profile.
  •  Select the three dots at the top of the profile. 
  • Tap on the Report profile among the options that appear. 
  • You will get a list of options to report them on. 
  • Tap on the violation you think best suits the profile’s conduct. 
  • Facebook might ask you to select posts that prove the person didn’t abide by the rules. 
  • Tap submit

You have successfully filed a report. 

Someone Disappeared From My Blocked List on Facebook [Answered]

Now, you know why a “Someone disappeared from my blocked list on Facebook” situation occurred. The person has simply deleted their Facebook account. Unless they are trying to contact you from another account, there is no reason for you to be wary. 

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