Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo? Does the same old question tend to bother you all day long? If yes, get ready to confront the answer.

Automatic payments are indeed a blessing, especially for those who tend to deal with recurring payments on a regular basis. Venmo users are no exception, but is it an option for them? It’s time to uncover exactly that. In the following article, I’ll answer if you can set up automatic payments on Venmo.

Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo? The answer is No, but wait there is more to unfold.

Venmo: A Quick Overview

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Although talking about Venmo isn’t that necessary, considering you’re here to know can you set up automatic payments on Venmo, offering a quick intro won’t hurt. Indeed, it will help the newbies get along in a better way. Venmo presents itself as a brilliant social way to conclude all sorts of payments without bringing cash into the scene. With Venmo, you’re looking at a modern-day fin-tech platform built to allow users to pay and even request money from their family and friends.

Venmo is a great utility that packs abilities to fall in love with. From splitting a lunch bill to paying your contact’s cab fare, from clearing off all your bills to paying off your rents online, the possibilities are limitless. No matter if you own a lightweight or heavy-end business, Venmo ensures the financial requirements are easily met so that you can concentrate on your goals better, but in the midst of all, can you set up automatic payments on Venmo? Let’s find out.

Can You Set Up Automatic Payments on Venmo?

Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo
Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo?

Until this point, you’re fairly aware that Venmo doesn’t lack the ability to make the financial lives of its users convenient, but sadly, the same cannot be said for scheduling. Yes, you read that right; the most straightforward answer to can you set up automatic payments on Venmo is No. During the time I’m writing this piece, the recurring payment is not an option as of yet. In other words, the option for a manual approach is what you need for concluding transactions through Venmo.

Recurring payments or automatic payments is of great help, especially when you need to pay monthly EMIs, charges for any form of monthly subscriptions, and anything similar. This is the reason users often prefer platforms that actually allow such services. However, thanks to other fantastic Venmo credentials, users all over the US take the opportunity to employ Venmo for everyday transactions.

The answer to can you set up automatic payments on Venmo is no. What’s now, then?

Yes, there aren’t any manner that can help you automize your payments. But the good thing is that there does exist a workaround that can help make the payment progress much faster and smoother. The technique I’m talking about is termed as “trust.”

With Trust, you’re looking at a feature that is meant to aid users in choosing desired people (from their contact list) whom they can trust. Enabling the trust feature will allow them to eliminate all the burdensome processes in between payments, including asking for credentials and waiting for the same every time a transaction is initiated. 

Now I know it is not something that fits the requirements of anyone who seeks the answer to whether you can set up automatic payments on Venmo, but you can’t deny that this very workaround makes using Venmo a lot easier.

Best Venmo Alternatives

Considering that the answer to can you set up automatic payments on Venmo rests on the negative end, the need for an alternative can be urgent. To help you with that, here are three of the best options:

Cash App

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Cash App is a great peer-to-peer money transfer utility that can help you share money directly from your phone. However, the good thing is that different from Venmo; you can actually set up recurring payments on the Cash App. It is a great way to pay off all your installments and also the payments for subscriptions on time. 


wise platform

Wise (previously known as TransferWise) is another brilliant Venmo alternative that allows setting up automatic payments. It is a service that allows scheduled transfers in a seamless manner. The automated/recurring payments feature on Wise works as long as the associated account has the adequate amount for sending out.

Generally, what you’ll need to do is specify the desired date for your payment, and you’re good to go. The service will then proceed with the required methods.



PayPal needs no real introduction. Not just a Venmo alternative; rather, Venmo itself is a subsidiary of PayPal. Although the former doesn’t offer automatic payments, the latter does. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that PayPal doesn’t allow recurring payments for the non-business-account owners. If you’re one of them, try opting for the above two platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions Apart from Can you Set Up Automatic Payments on Venmo

1. What are the best platforms to set up automatic payments?

Since setting up automated payments is not a thing with Venmo, you can always look for other promising platforms to conclude scheduled payments. To name a few, we’ve got Cash App, Wise, PayPal, and more.

2. How do I set up a recurring payment?

  1. Choose a platform that packs automated payment ability.
  2. Launch the app
  3. Head over to the Invoices or similar option on your app’s Dashboard.
  4. Select the Create Invoice option
  5. Find and tap the option that says Recurring 
  6. Next, you’ll need to specify the frequency of desired payments.
  7. Click on the Automatic Payments button. 

Do you want more info on Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo? Why not get in touch with the support team. Here is how:

There are three ways to contact the Venmo support team:

Twitter Handle

  • Visit the official Venmo Twitter handle from your mobile or PC browser and seek a more detailed answer to can you set up automatic payments on Venmo.

From the App

  • Launch the Venmo app on your Android or iOS smartphone
  • Navigate and head over to Menu.
  • Search for the option that is named Get Help.
  • After that, you’ll need to tap on the Contact Us button followed by Chat with Us option.

Contact Form

  • Fill out this form and ask can you set up automatic payments on Venmo.

Wrapping Up

Wondering if you can set up automatic payments is nothing unusual. Everyone desires convenience, and for the payment structure, scheduling and automation is a prime factor that serves the luxury needs. Sadly, you don’t have that comfort with Venmo. However, you never know the future, and the answer to can you set up automatic payments on Venmo might well be yes in the coming days.

That’s all about Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo.

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