About FavTechie

Who are we?

FavTechie represents a group of tech experts who thrive to resolve queries revolving around a regular user’s mind. Considering the fact that there are thousands of half-baked answers sitting online, we’re very well aware that the readers aren’t getting what they seek. For that matter, we decided to devise a way out and named it FavTechie.

From topics covering the latest social media tips to the most researched, trustworthy how-to guides, our library stands tall as a one-stop destination for all your issues that in the tech-sphere. 

We work day and night, finding solutions to the elements within the social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook that are known to trouble users and their overall experiences. Sound’s amazing, right? Well, that’s not it. We also cover fin-tech platforms stretching from Venmo to Cash, Zelle to even the likes of Klarna, and many more, ensuring you don’t have issues dealing with online transactions.

FavTechie is the modern-day technology blog that focuses on answering questions and resolving trouble-making factors in the most user-friendly manner.

What We do Differently?

There is no denying that the list of online tech blogs is never-ending, but one thing makes us different is that we know what the online readers are looking for. Whether we’re talking about social media platforms or uncovering secret tricks that can help save one’s day, we make sure every word on our blog comes from in-depth research alongside a series of personal experiences. 

We aim to provide accurate information in the most user-friendly approaches, and that’s one of the many reasons our family of happy readers is bigger with every passing month.